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Updated TNA Bound For Glory Series Standings, Three Stars Still with Zero

– Friday night’s TNA BaseBrawl show in Brooklyn, New York saw Rob Van Dam pin AJ Styles and Brother Devon pin Bully Ray in Bound For Glory Series matches. Saturday night’s live event in Asbury Park, New Jersey saw Crimson pin Van Dam and Ray pin Devon in two more Bound For Glory Series matches.

Following this weekend’s TNA live events, here are the updated Bound For Glory Series standings:

* Crimson – 24 points
* Gunner – 21 points
* Rob Van Dam – 14 points
* Bully Ray – 14 points
* Brother Devon – 14 points
* James Storm – 14 points
* Matt Morgan – 14 points
* AJ Styles – 14 points
* Scott Steiner – 7 points
* The Pope – 0 points
* Robert Roode – 0 points
* Samoa Joe – 0 points

  • venom

    Joe is such a jobber now.

  • Orkyboy

    Joe being on zero points is all part of a storyline prior to his snapping and going on a rampage. If he was being overlooked they would have had him mid table on a few points with the rest.

    The whole tournament is a way of creating new storylines, regardless of how it finishes.

    roode is selling the injury prior to BMI getting individual pushes. They can’t push everyone in one go so expect it in a more phased manner.

  • Mac Henrix

    top four wrestlers will be facing each other in the tournament finals at September’s No Surrender

  • casey

    I say again so much for Robert Roode’s push….. instead we have the ginger tomko

  • @RCA Amen! What has TNA done to him? I think he deserves to speak against TNA.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    How does AJ get 14pts but they don’t let Joe get any right now… Joe has more talent than that spotmonkey could ever wish to possess. They better have Joe make a huge comeback before this is over.

  • RCA

    Samoa Joe, no points. Hope he goes on a rant similar to CM Punks cause he is being seriously overlooked.

  • scooter

    @Ryan P I THINK its a four way between the top four at no surrender

  • Matt

    @Ryan P
    I would think the #1 guy would get the match. Either that or like the top 2 guys face off. But hey, its TNA, who knows.

  • Ryan P

    question. once the matches for points are done does the #1 guy get the title shot or are they put into a bracket tournament based on ranking?

  • TNA is a few bats short of a belfry

  • gibbs

    TNA is a few fries short of a happy meal