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Updated WWE Over The Limit Card

WWE Championship: CM Punk(c) vs. Daniel Bryan
World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton
If Laurinaitis loses, he’s fired: John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis*
WWE Tag Team Championship: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
WWE Divas Championship: Layla (c) vs. Beth Phoenix
Pre-Show: Kane vs.. Zack Ryder

* If anyone interferes in the Cena vs. Laurinaitis match, they will be fired.

  • ant

    @tyler..dont say layla didnt deserve it cuz she worked her ass off to come back and missed a year of action so the least they could do was give her the divas title u just dont like the fact that Kharma didnt come back when u wanted her too but shell be back either way so who cares

  • Tyler

    @ johncena33 didn’t you say you were not going to make another comment

  • Tyler

    What next they are going to have may young return and have her win a title her first day back when she didn’t deserve it like Layla if they what more ratings make a match undeafted brodus clay vs undeafted lord tentsi that will bring some ratings

  • Tyler

    Examples Cody Rhodes wins table match even though he didn’t put his opponent threw a table is the object of tables match first one to put your opponent threw a table wins during the whole time when show went threw the table Rhodes didn’t even touch him so Cody didn’t put his opponent threw a table

  • Tyler

    Lesnar will propley interfere to get revenge from extreme rules because the only way for Johnny to win is to have Lesnar interfere I hope cena wins let’s start bringing e ratings up since WM ratings have been going down and more and more wwe is begining to suck Heyman is also back who gave that loser permission to ever step inside a WWE ring again my god ratings are HORRIBLE at the start of this year they got a new story writer I got a Idea fire that story writer and get some one who nows how to bring some good ratings and not all this garbage

  • JohnCena33

    I bet Big Show will interfere. Then John “People Power” Lauranitis can hire Big Show back and face him in a match. Hopefully WWE doesn’t pull a Cole on us and have John L. brag about how he won a mania match and beat John Cena (that is if Brock interferes)

  • all of u go puck yourselfs

  • reverse prince albert

    @Sam HHH will fired you the fuck your mom in the bum and fire her.

  • sam

    what if Triple H was to interfere would he be fired (not likely he will obviously) but it seems like they are planting the seeds for big show to cost big johnny the match or turn heel and cost cena the match

  • ant

    people assume way too much how do u know cena might beat laurinitis and get rid of people power for good and then teddy long can be GM of both brands,reinstate big show,make askana and antonio whatever his name is lives a living hell fire eve torres and david otunga and bring some fun back to both brands HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA PLAYAAA

  • John

    Oh joy. Does this mean we’ll be getting yet another John Cena vs Big Show fued? Because it was so exciting the last 5 or 6 times.

  • Sf

    * If anyone interferes in the Cena vs. Laurinaitis match, they will be fired.

    a hole in the stipulation:
    lesnar isn’t “employed” thus can’t be fired… will he interfere?

  • Spoiler

    If any Superstar interferes in the Cena vs. Laurinaitis match,
    they will be fired. well we know what happens here Laurinaitis wins with help since Big Show is fired he is no longer a Superstar lol

  • Ttommy

    So no superstars to interfere in jl v cent match . Now the big show sacking make sense

  • Tyler(:

    I think it doesn’t look bad. but you’ll get the typical “lol WWE if u wanna stop loosing viewers maybe u shud stop givin john wena matchs!”