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Updates from Mason Ryan’s Return to WWE Programming, DX Reunion Next Week

– Triple H will be appearing on Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures show next Tuesday night. The episode will be a two-part show as DX reunites to go hunting.

– Mason Ryan debuted a new theme song called “Last Days” on this past Thursday’s WWE Superstars as he returned and defeated JTG. It appears WWE is going the babyface route with the former Nexus member.

On a related note, during his entrance on Superstars, Mason came out to the stage and turned his back to the crowd, raising his hands in the air as he looked up to the Titantron. A fan showed Chris Jericho this on Twitter, saying Ryan was stealing Jericho’s entrance, and Jericho replied that Mason had “no respect.”

  • Jerichos a dickhead, everything in wrestling eventually gets copied, like it or not its a fact….Wonder if Jericho originally came up with this idea hiself ? he prob stole it off some dude in Japan or something

  • RPM

    no raw gm reveal no proper dissolution of nexus, WWE are nearly as bad as TNA at randomally stopping storylines without even a little bit of an ending

  • k91xxx

    Ryan suxxx real bad stif in the ring & y2j is king ! Baby batista !!

  • Jeff

    Didn’t we learn from his dad that Batista Jr. can’t pull off the face thing?

  • Lloyd

    Jericho needs to stop moaning, if he’s sick of people copying him why don’t he step back in the ring and do something about it

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Robinson you are the type of person who should not be using the internet,along with all those people who were siding with Miz or Jericho when he took shots at Miz for ripping him off…

  • Jimbo

    So they’re not even going to try and develop Mason Ryan. He’s just a face now and is going to get shoved down our throats.

  • Ray

    Idiots. Jericho is trying to keep up his heel persona away from the WWE. Come on, it’s Jericho. If he really wanted to bash Mason Ryan he could and damn well would.

  • shawn

    soooome reunion. z z z z z

  • adam

    @robinson i am pretty sure jericho is just being sarcastic and doesnt really care if mason is using some form of his enterance.

  • Jericho just thinks anything and everything is biting off of him, its retarded.

  • Paton

    what does it even matter, Jericho isn’t in WWE anymore

  • venom

    I doubt Mason was trying to copy off of Jericho.