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Updates on John Cena’s Back Problems & WWE NXT

– To follow up on the news that John Cena underwent an MRI last week to determine the extent of his back injury, the MRI came back clean. It’s been reported that Cena has been working with a bulging disc in his lower back and he’s been working a lighter schedule in recent weeks, but he is in relatively good shape.

– Last night on ECW, Vince McMahon announced the brand is coming to an end and a new show featuring the “next generation” of WWE programming will debut in 3 weeks during the same timeslot on SyFy. The brand will be called WWE NXT, as in “next generation.” Word came out earlier today that there’s already an “NXT” wrestling promotion based out of Scottland. To give more background on the original NXT promotion, it’s actually a developmental promotion of sort for the Scottish Wrestling Alliance, a member of the UK’s branch of the National Wrestling Alliance.

  • Vickie

    If it was not for people like Cena, Batista, DX and others there would not be a WWE they make the company and if you don’t like them then why do ppl watch. Its a shame when ppl wish that ppl would get hurt for doing there jobs. So again I say if you dont’t like them then dont watch them


  • ??

    They Pander to kids… DX, Batista, Orton, Cena, Mysterio, sell stuff, they get the exposure. Thats what the PG Era is all about.

  • paul

    with now WWE not having any solid story lines, no feuds, no tag teams, no hardcore,all the good stuff adds to bad shows and low ratings..But splitting the WWE Roster into 3 separate shows is doing more harm then good. doing the 3 shows (or 2 that ECW is dead) makes the jobs much more difficult to do, its unfair to them to create a good show. if WWE can change the way and have no Raw or Smackdown brands, they can have all wrestlers available to make no feuds with many different talent then having 1 band roster to create something over and over and over…

    no brand rosters, 2 shows , better and long lasting worthy story lines also better feuds……please bring back the tag team division and hardcore title back

  • DK Monster

    I like this new concept of NXT stuff.
    But I’m not sure if it will draw good ratings though…
    There’s a lot of creative works needed to be done for the
    show and tons of good in-ring action as well.
    I have a bad feeling that Danielson will make his WWE debut
    on this new show but oh well.. At least we’re gonna see
    him at least.

  • silver_kyle

    WWE does listen to the fans… the one’s that buy merchandise. Plus, look where ECW ended up.

  • dill

    well said devil rising

    and under 3 paragraphs long. GOOD JOB!

  • The Truth

    I’ve become a CM Punk fan recently with this new gimmick, it’s great. I do enjoy DX, but I’ve liked Triple H and Shawn Michaels back when they were Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and he did that stupid bow, and Michaels was with the Rockers. But Devil_Rising does have a solid point. Cena and Hogan were both terrible wrestlers, but their mic skills and the way they were able to carry a crowd worked. Ultimately, it’s about ENTERTAINMENT, not who the BEST WRESTLER is. Which is ass-backwards, in my opinion. Shelton Benjamin is a GREAT wrestler (my opinion). Yet, he seems to be continued to be lost in the WWE shuffle, which is crap. I could continue the with a list of other talent wrestlers, (again, my opinion), that continually get held back and lost in the WWE talent, or talentless, pool of “wrestlers.”

  • jim

    Also, it could possibly be that fans are sick and tired of having stars like Cena, Batista, and DX shoved down our collective throats every week. For YEARS on end.

    then dont watch

  • chris

    NXT?? Guess it sounds ok.

  • Mannul

    Well said there,devil_rising. i’m not like most fans myself,cheering who they want me to cheer for. I like who want to like,not who i’m told to like. most of the people that the fans get hypnotized into liking aren’t even good wrestlers and their matches are the same old crap over and over…ahem….cena.

  • Devil_Rising

    Also, it could possibly be that fans are sick and tired of having stars like Cena, Batista, and DX shoved down our collective throats every week. For YEARS on end.

    I was never a huge ECW fan when the actual promotion existed…but one thing Paul Heyman always used to say that I will always agree with…..wrestling promotions are supposed to listen to the fans. You give the fans what they want. The FANS choose who is a big star and who isn’t. In WWE, half the time, it really almost seems like, at least these days, that WWE tells the fans who to cheer for, and who is a big star. Not always, but really, that is what it seems like.

  • Hater

    The post said nothing about wishing an injury he just said tae time off. Which would help prevent an injury from contined wear and tear.

  • Osi

    What the hell is with the stupid Cena hate? As a matter of fact, wishing injuries on wrestlers is even more stupid. The only thing I liked from your post was that he turned heel or came back with some edge.