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Updates on the TNA Futures of Bully Ray, Devon and Velvet Sky

– Velvet Sky likely will not be returning to TNA, despite Dixie Carter and other officials wanting her back. Velvet is scheduled to work some independent dates over the next few months.

– The feeling is that Bully Ray and Devon are going to leave TNA soon, so don’t be surprised to see Devon drop the TNA Television Title in the next few weeks. Ray has been doing most of the negotiations for their new contracts but he feels that TNA has not treated them with respect during those contract talks. The feeling is that losing Ray and Devon would be a major loss, especially Ray as he’s been used as a top heel on TV and has been working backstage as an agent. No word yet if WWE is interested in picking them up.

Source: PWInsider


    Losing Bully, with the loss of the others earlier this year makes me have to wonder if Jarrett and Company aren’t having finacial difficulties. It isn’t as if there is a line out the door to work there. As for Team 3D going to WWE in 13? Id almost say doubtful. With Dreamer opening up his Hardcore thing, look for them to make their way there to help their friend get his biz up and running. Hell perhaps they maybe part owners even. New outlet for the others also to land on as well. Could be way Sabin, Morgan, etc.. haven’t signed any where yet.

  • RPM

    They’ve both really turned their careers around in the last 18 months in TNA so it may help them get a return to WWE but wether WWE use them properly or not is anyones guess.

    Ray’s weight loss and amazing heel turn is something you just don’t see much of anymore.

  • Jim

    This is a bad move on TNA’s part. They need to keep hold of Bully Ray, the way he has rejuvenated himself is similar to when JBL split from APA.

  • The Awesome One

    dudleys return in wwe and get into hall of fame

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    I’ll be more interested in seeing if the Dudley’s could help rejuvenate the Tag Team division. If anything, the WWE could use both as agents for their lacking tag team division.

  • Shane

    It will be a shame if they let Bully Ray go. I don’t care what other people say, he is one of the best things in TNA at the moment.

  • Bill

    Put the Dudley Boys in WWE ’13 & get the tables!

  • ant

    Losing Ray would hurt. He’s been instrumental in putting guys over. He’s one of the rare guys, like Jericho, who can lose matches without losing his stature or his place on the card. I like Devon, but honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing that belt held by someone on their way up.

    However, I’m getting kind of tired of athletes always talking about “respect” with their contract signings. You especially see it in the NBA, when a guy whines because he got offered 58 million but another guy makes 60 million, and he claims the team is “disrespecting” him. It’s about business, not soothing egos. If they don’t think you’re worth what you think you’re worth then shake their hand and walk away with some pride. Whining about it just makes you look petty.

    Especially when they DO sign and suddenly the “disrespect” thing is totally forgotten.

  • Logan

    Go back to WWE and help jump start what is left of the tag division. I really do miss seeing any presence of tag teams. I think it’ll also help mid-card guys get more TV time……I hope.

  • Sam Peters

    if Bully and Devon leave TNA they will go back to WWE

  • Apacaveli

    123 Devon Get the Tables Cuz Were Heading Back 2 WWE.Team 3D Will Return 2 WWE And Capture The WWE Tagteam Championships I Gotta Gut Feeling……