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Miss USA Dishes on Tough Enough, WWE RAW Star Retiring Soon

– RAW Superstar Mark Henry recently spoke with The West Australian to promote WrestleMania 27. It was noted that Henry is planning on retiring in the next 18 months, despite him feeling that he has another 3 good years left in him. After retiring from Action, Henry will be working with WWE’s next generation of wrestlers, presumably in an agent or trainer’s role.

– Miss USA Rima Fakih recently spoke with The New York Post and talked about being on WWE Tough Enough. Here’s what she had to say about the show’s training:

“I was bruised up a lot,” she says. “There would be times I would leave the ring and there would be a lot of blood on the mat. There was a lot of wear and tear on my body, but I loved every bruise and black and blue mark because I could see how hard I pushed myself.”

  • Logan

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  • Rucdogg

    no need to get racist you internet tough guy. always thought henry could be put over as a monster heel but the guy couldnt stay healthy. how cool were those poems he used to write chyna tho,lol

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  • Jason

    Hey Rima I will help treat those bruises.

  • CC

    I thought when Henry retired from the ring, his WWE role would be to work in catering.