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Vader Looking to Make a Comeback, Paul Heyman Teaser Before RAW, Goldust News

– As noted before, Goldust will return to the ring on July 14th in Hollywood, Florida for the NWA Ring Warriors promotion and their Hollywood Heatwave event. Goldust will be wrestling Vordell Walker.

– Paul Heyman posted the following teaser on Twitter before RAW last night:

“@WWE #TheBossIsBack Yes, Brock Lesnar and I are indeed back. WHERE? Remains to be seen! Ahem …”

– As seen on RAW last night, Vader returned to action and defeated Heath Slater. reports that the 58 year old former World Heavyweight Champion is looking to make a comeback after recently dropping 60 pounds.

  • meh

    Billy Gunn next week with road,dogg? Epic!

  • kitkrock

    NO, the great Khali is better than Vader but Vader is still better than Mason Ryan, Zeke Jackson & Sheamus.

  • Drake F3lix

    Paul had the ability to do a moon daily but nobody would take it from him. Fact.

  • what?

    @Men on a Mission vader wrestled for years in awa as baby bull white and new japan him and stan hasen use to beat the shit out of each other vader even had his eye knocked out of it’s socket and he kept right on fighting vader is the man

  • Pissed Off Fan =)

    I can see WWE giving Vader a nice Legends Contract. Maybe a few matches a year? Kinda like Foley used to do? Nothing serious though, he is 58 lol

  • The Noble Geek

    My recollection about Paul Wight is that he has successfully done moonsaults off the top rope but it was only during training sessions, never at live events.

  • Irish Bulldog

    Somebody call Slater’s momma…he just got ran over by a bull !!

  • Wellsy

    Big Show used to do a moonsault?! Gotta see that!

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    vader vs. big show in a “first person to hit the moonsault from the top” match…that would be cool
    For those who didnt know,Paul Wight used to do the moonsault in his early days before wcw..

  • Whooper

    Vader could return as a special attraction by squashing people every month or something or as an enforcer for a future GM or superstar. But I don’t think as a full time wrestler

  • Men on a Mission

    Yeah, I thought Vader definitely looked better than the last time we saw him on WWE TV. I just didn’t realize he was that old. That means he didn’t even start working for the WWE in the 90’s till he was like 40. Yeah, he should keep working on his physique and maybe a few more matches would be cool.

  • dave

    lose another 60 pounds and id love supporting him. he looked good though i must say

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    next week we will see the return of bad ass billy gunn!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    A 58 year old Vader is still more entertaining than a Mason Ryan, Great Khali, and Ezekial Jackson combined.

  • Devil_Rising

    I love Vader, one of my all-time favs. But he’s 58. He looked damn good in the ring for an overweight 58 year old, but he’s not what he used to be. He used to be damn fast and agile for a big guy, and we’re talking about a big man that, along with Bam Bam, was able to do things like a moonsault. I’m all for him having one last shot at glory, especially considering how embarrassing his last WWE stint wound up being for him. He needs to cement his legacy. But on the other hand…he needs to just be inducted into the HoF and focus on helping his son’s career.

  • T-Will


  • SYM

    Paul Heyman needs to become RAW GM. Or the Talent Relations guy because he can get some great Talent.