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Val Venis Blasts John Morrison & Melina (Contains Foul Language)

Trish Stratus confirmed last Friday via radio interview that she was snubbed by John Morrison at WrestleMania. He wasn’t interested in listening to her suggestions for their bout, and that when she went to hug him during the post-match celebration, he gave her the cold shoulder. The assumption backstage is that Melina was in his ear because she believed Stratus was taking “her spot” at the pay-per-view event.

Former WWE talent Sean Morley (a/k/a Val Venis) is furious over their alleged treatment of Stratus, who he considers a friend. He posted a video online blasting the real-life couple, while also defending Stratus. His remarks are as follows:

“I’ve always been really nice to Johnny and Melina. I’ve always been really nice to them. I don’t respect Johnny at all. And, you know, there are several reasons for that. And now, after snubbing Trish for supposedly taking Melina’s spot at WrestleMania. You know what? Screw it. The reality of the situation is Melina, it’s not your spot! It’s Vince McMahon’s spot and he’s going to put in that spot whoever will be doing the best for the company and it’s ain’t you, ah-ah! It’s Trish! You think you’re on the same level as Trish, Melina? Come on! All that respect I might have had for you, which honestly was just a little bit, is completely thrown out the freakin’ window now!

“The reality is, your boyfriend Morrison is nothing but a chump ass bitch who has zero nuts! Zero nuts! What is it? First it’s Mike Knox, then it’s Batista? And the whole time Morrison goes on like, “It’s not really happening. It’s just, she doesn’t really cheat on me.” You’re a freakin’ ho Melina! You know what, I’m not even going to say freakin’ anymore, you’re a fucking slut, period! And Morrison you wanna go out there, and Melina, and snub, my t-dot girl Trish? Come on!

“Melina, you’re not the same level as Trish. If you want that spot so much, why instead of taking it out on Trish and saying, “uhhh she took my spot,” why don’t you think, “Hmmm… Vince chose Trish for that spot. How can I better improve my charisma, my in-ring ability, my marketability. So that the next time Vince decides to choose someone for a certain spot, you’ll choose me.” It’s called competition. It’s called free market competition Melina. But no, you can’t handle that. You think you’re owed that spot, you ain’t owed nothing!

“And then Morrison, you’re going to walk around like Batista didn’t tag your girl? You’re going to walk around like Mike Knox didn’t tag your girl? By the way, how does Mike Knox taste? How does Batista taste? How does, God knows how many other guys she’s banged right under your nose. In fact, it wasn’t even under your nose! You just pretend it was under your nose! You know the whole time it was f*****g going on! God dang! So all and all, while you walk around snubbing Trish, a future Hall of Famer, you try and turn a ho into a house wife! Melina’s nothing more than a glorified ring rat. I have zero respect for you Morrison.

“And you know what? We’re going to run into each other at some point in time. I’ll walk right up to you with my chin stuck out and you either chin me, or beat it! But the reality is, you ain’t got the balls to chin me! Cause the reality is, Trish has proven time and time again, to the entire world for that matter, that she has way bigger balls than you’ll ever have.

“Keep trying to turn that ho into a house wife! F**k you Melina! F**k you Morrison! Trying to knock my t-dot girl Trish, who actually earned a spot! God dang!”


  • max

    If trish and rock were put on the mania card thats because today’s have no stardom characteristics. Wwe talent today is not putting any effort into making thier character believable, there man and ladies need to stop being so damn lazy and get a wow factor. Now the whole morrison melina story, while I do agree that val shouldn’t have spoke on it because his beef with Morrison was just how he treated trish, you cant blame val, batista, kendrick, knox for talking. If Morrison and melina wwnted to live this freaky and sick life style they should have kept it outside the company with complete strangers, everyone knows if you bang any co-worker anywhere rumors will start to fly sooner or later, I dont blame anyone for treated these two idiots they way they are getting treated I personally do believe the stories because the ones that are talking about are like people say has beens that are not with wwe anymore, which means they have nothing to gain or lose so why lie about it.

  • Ricardo

    Besides, this has nothing to do with Trish’s in-ring ability. It has to do with the WWE giving the spot to people who aren’t on the road the whole year, who have done nothing to deserve it, who in fact even behave like they’re bigger than WWE. It may seem unprofessional, but it’s understandable that wrestlers resented The Rock and even more so Trish at WM.

  • Ricardo

    Desperate, desperate Val… selling himself to Vince like this. This is a rejected, untalented wrestler pitching a storyline – the real man, porn actor, Val Venis returns to take out the effeminated John Morrison. It’s dumb. Good luck with that, Val.

  • venom

    Wow, I can’t believe how out of control this whole Morrison and Trish situation got. I think all of the wrestlers should move from this episode. I think Morrison was wrong but I don’t think this should cause him to get released. The way Val got so upset about this, I bet he was with Trish at some point. lol.

  • erik

    @seth morrison is good in ring and what ever is going on in his private life with melina is none of val venis bussiness. also not everyone liked working with trish when she was top diva. so it is not like trish was an angel and easy to work with. trish is overrated and lita was better than her.

  • Seth

    You people who keep bashing these guys for coming down on JOMO, where are the “wrestlers” “entertainers” whatever who are DEFENDING JOMO?

    Yeah, there are none.

    and @sean “and if john did snubbed trish maybe he had a good reason, ya know maybe she snubbed him backstage and he got even we don’t really know”

    Really? Have you not paid any attention since WM? JOMO and Melina both have confirmed the snubbing and the reason for it. Read up before you make yourself look silly.

  • Monty

    I heard Fit Finlays Shillelagh got some Melina action of its own.

  • I bet Melina also banged Hornswoggle. I’m telling you, you’re going to see both of them in TNA soon.

  • Raziel

    Melina also banged Boogeyman

  • Emerson

    Why all this hate on val venis, I wouldn’t classify him as a has been, Val Venis is a great wrestler and very smart to the buisness. I understand him being mad and to be honest I’ve never been a big fan of jomo or melina because they both basically came from tough enough and neither one has very much charisma or talent. John Morrison can pull off flashy moves but when it comes to basic talent I think he lacks it, and he definently lacks charimsa. In the end, Val Venis is just sticking up for trish like most of the WWE is because people like morrison and melina think they’ve earned something and they haven’t earned a damn thing. you don’t have to be in the wrestling biz to understand that nothing is garunteed to you, you have to earn everything you get. It should be interesting how far this story goes when it comes time for talent cuts, cause im betting the don’t cut very much talent from FCW. Bye Bye Jomo and melina unless this whole story is bs.

  • jeffery

    i fucked her once back in the 90s

  • CC

    And yet another “reliable” source comes out and puts their two cents into the argument.
    So far the only people that are telling this “Melinas a ho and Johns a pussy story” are the guys that have axes to grind and seem to love bad mouthing people.

    I’m not saying its all lies, but as of yet, there hasnt been a credible source on this.

  • Hunter


  • sean

    who is val venis not going after everybody first matt hardy now morrison, and if john did snubbed trish maybe he had a good reason, ya know maybe she snubbed him backstage and he got even we don’t really know besides what is it val’s bussiness to say that shit about john in the first place val keep your nose out of other people’s bussiness

  • Jacob

    People calling Val a “has been” are just butthurt Jomo fans who can’t accept the fact that their boy is a punk and the Melina is a jump off.

  • Dan

    Oh Val, first you failed at to get cheap heat with Fatt Hardy now you move onto this. Just give up. As good as you were, noone cares anymore. If you want to be relevant try getting back in the ring rather than acting like a fucking 3 year old with a publicist

  • Sumit

    Melina sleeping with others is irrelevant topic of discussion. It should stay between malina and john. But giving a cold shoulder is not professional, at the end of the day WWE r selling a story and john is nothing but a character so if he cant be the character he was asked to be that shows u r not good at it

  • not a dumbass

    val venis 20 times the better wrestler jo-mo just a parcour or wateva spot money like jeff hardy just more springboards coz he shit

  • JAck45

    Trish Stratus @ WM drew crowds along side Snooki… Melina in Trish’s spot, wouldn’t of drawn anyone. Case CLOSED
    Don’t bitch about it to your nutless bf, instead see it as a challenge and do something about it.
    Can we move on now, to hopefully real news…

  • JIR

    Val is the man! As much as i like morrison in-ring its no wonder Vince hasn’t put the tittle on a man he doesn’t respect

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Never been a fan of Val but damn, he speaks the truth… That is -bleeping- HILARIOUS that Mike had a go with her but why would anyone want to tap Melina? She isn’t attractive at all, though I suppose maybe if you bag her first…

  • TG

    Credit to Val Venis for defending Trish who well deserves it. I mean you can watch the Raw after Wrestelmania when she teamed with Morrison and she a great professional smiling and cheering him on. But Val be cool, because though your heart in the right place it was a little edging and people going try to make you the bad guy somewhere in this.

  • jushin liger

    f*ck Val Venus’s sorry ass.I mean he knows the WWE divas are passed around that locker room in heavy rotation, Thats why they don’t stick around long.Vince keeps the hottest freshest meat constantly rolling through there to keep his guys happy.Very few of them aren’t hoes.I mean who cares if JOMO did stiff trish, who does she think she is the head mafia boss? She is an “Ex” WWE diva and her match at wrestlemania was a joke with a orange smurf doing F’n drunk 3rd grade gymnastics in the ring. Also, If i remember right she went threw a few guys during her tenure with WWE until she found her husband years later.Damn i hate politics they ruin Wrestling.

  • Idiot4aDay

    Which one is Melina again?

  • Monty

    Loved it, I hope Morrison or Melina replies. How do you reply to that? Val might be ‘washed up’ but you cared enough to click on the link and read what he had to say. The title of this story was Val Venis Blasts John Morrison & Melina.

  • Elizabeith

    hahaha so true and sooooo gross melina ick.

  • erik

    Might i say who cares about an old fat washup 1998 hasbeen from atttiude era? Also kelly kelly has slep with alot of men. batista, test, drew mcintrye, and now gabriel from nexus.if anyone is a whore in wwe divas it is k2.

  • theviewtvshow

    reality is he is speaking 100% truth, and i bet val would knock john on his ass, haha, i always thought she was a ho

  • Devil_Rising Jr

    Joe stinks like poop.

  • pepp it

    I always like Val. But now Im diggin him even more. Ol boy just laid out the shit right there. Lets see the two fucks stick comment back on that. LOL

  • Jason

    @jimbo are you serious you dont know who val venis is?

  • JAck45

    haha Mike Knox???? Even my balls are better looking than that guy!
    Val your a champ in my book! Sticking up for his friend is thumbs up respect!

  • mike

    way to try and stay relevent val

  • Izzy

    I don’t see how anyone would be calling him washed up. He was one of the best workers vince had and a great agent. I dont see guys like morrison putting on matches like Venus did. No one in that locker room other than Goldust could work a match like him. Learn to recognize talent because the WWE unfortunately has very little left.

  • Rucdogg

    wow mike knox? you know what that means? every guy commenting on this post and website has a shot at hitting melina, i damn sure wouldnt mind her doing her ring intro into my bed, long as my wife is cool with it.

  • someone


  • Boner Jams

    damn mike knox hit that shit too lmao val venis might be a has been man but he kept it real on that one john morrison would be more than a mid carter if it wasnt for melina dragging him down
    he would be main eventing with john cena and the miz on the extreme rulez card. stupid man.

  • anon

    Damn, he definitely put them on blast. I agree with most of the things he said. But he has no business in Morrison/Melina’s relationship…And I didn’t think Melina was that much of a ring rat.

  • jimbo jones

    who’s val venis?

  • JOE

    Will this washed up piece of monkey crap please STFU!!!!! No one gives a fuck about your irrelevant “opinion”. Why does he feel the need to run his mouth about shit that does’nt pertain to him.