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Val Venis Posts a Video on Zack Ryder, News on Sheamus & Goldberg

– Sean “Val Venis” Morley had fans thinking on Twitter yesterday that he would be posting a new YouTube video that bashed WWE Superstar Zack Ryder. Then he released the following video:

– Sheamus will be on the WTPA 93.5 Morning Show wth Chris & Amy in Harrisburg, PA on Tuesday, June 21st to talk about that night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Hershey, PA.

– Goldberg will be making his first Comic Con appearance this weekend in Philadelphia. He will be joined by Ted DiBiase, Virgil, and Torrie Wilson. Candice Michelle had to back out of the convention due to the stomach flu.

  • venom

    Youtube should ban these has beens.

  • cam

    val should disipear from youtube

  • Ricardo

    That’s how you know Matt Hardy is actually someone. Matt’s stupid videos got people to talk and complain at how dumb they were. This guy is such a nobody, that nobody really cares. He keeps getting dumber and dumber, and still no reaction. Though luck, Mr. Has-Been.

  • rick

    His stupidity entertains me

  • yay

    Val Venis was only good in 1998, other than that he is a nobody

  • simon07

    He makes me sleepy, if he didn’t randomly shout at the camera i would have fallen asleep.

  • CC

    @Angry Dude. As annoying as I find his videos, your comment isnt exactly true. Remember he did go to TNA, was actually pushed to the point that he went over an established TNA talent, then he walked away as he could make more money in Japan.

    I do agree though that he is probably bitter at WWE for letting him go, and would go back there in a heartbeat. And he really isnt the sort of guy ROH would be interested in anyway. But TNA wanted him, and he walked away from them.

  • shawn

    or hes just extremely negative because of reading an abundance of troll remarks. time to quit the twitts bra!

  • Angry Dude

    Please stop posting anything about Venis!!!!!!!
    He talks about everyone to make YOU post this. He tries to put himself over, because he can’t get a job in WWE, TNA or ROH.

    Nobody cares about him

  • CC

    I started off thinking, at last Val is showing some common sense with his praise of Ryder, then he goes off on his rant at the 10 percenters.
    Simple fact is, since Val started doing these videos and tweets, all he has done is bitch about everyone, so is it any wonder that people assumed he would bury Ryder next?
    Hey Sean, if you wasnt such a miserable shit talking son of a bitch, people wouldnt start assuming that all you have to say is hate speeches about everyone. Hell, you even ended this video with hate speeches about the fans and this Castalucci guy.
    How about making some videos about whats positive in the industry. Its shit like this thats turning people against the industry as much as the poor shows and pushes of untalented guys.
    Shoot interviews are one thing, but these youtube videos and tweets are not what people want to see. Ryder is the only one right now with enough savvy to use it in a positive way. Take a tip from the guy you are praising, and stop bitching.

  • tony belfast

    he looks like hes full of E,s (ecstacy)

  • JAck45

    His words hurt my ears!!! every time he says the letter ‘S’ kills!!!!!