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– Val Venis’ WWE return has been confirmed and he may be returning as soon as tonight’s RAW. Venis was in New York this past weekend at the hotel with other WWE stars for tonight’s show.

– Rey Mysterio was originally set to face Alberto Del Rio at the WWE Fan Appreciation event this past Saturday but Triple H worked the match instead. Mysterio was not there because he has an inner ear injury which is preventing him from taking bumps in the ring.

– CM Punk reportedly needs hip surgery. Apparently they have a date scheduled for the operation within the next 7-10 days but it’s not 100% yet that he will have it. There is concern within WWE that he will miss WrestleMania if he has the surgery.

Source: F4Wonline.com

  • venom

    Rey is always hurt.

  • Mark

    great for cm punk, soon as he gets to raw, he gets injured. how long is rey reys ear injury going to keep him out for

  • Ronald

    Assuming Punk can actually get around and travel (I have no idea what’s involved with hip surgery, so he may be bed ridden or something), I say put him on Raw as the 3rd commentator. Right now, WWE seems high on the 3-man announce team (and I’m a fan of it). They added Cole to Smackdown and that’s going fine. The 3-man format works great on PPV. The only show without it is Raw, and when they had Punk come in for a match last week, it was great. When he first sat in during NXT I was hooked. If he’s going to be out for several months and can still travel, put in behind the desk.

  • scooter

    As far as I know punk is disliked for having an attitude backstage but wwe appreciate how big a draw he is and how good his work is
    although punk has the right to have an attitude he is better than all of them after all

  • Splinter

    Whether they have something for Punk right now or not is relatively irrelevant. Vince once said that Punk is a guy he relies on to help sell PPVs. If Vince thinks Punk = buyrates (I’m not sure, but in a just world he definitely should), then obviously management are going to miss him.

  • Trevor

    Anonymous Raw GM Maybe???????? You never know, because he was cheif morley at one point!!!!

  • !?

    Val Venis, D’Lo Brown, Goldust, Finlay, William Regal, Matt Hardy, Christian, MVP, Mark Henry = JOBBERS! None of these men will ever hold World Title Gold, well, except Christian (NWA/TNA World Title) and Matt (ECW World Title).

    It is funny how WWE has nothing for CM Punk, yet they don’t want him to miss Wrestlemania XXVII. Do officials like Punk or do they hate him?

  • CC

    Well its been years since they did anything overt with his porn star character anyway, so I dont see the issue.
    Plus of course there was all the time he spent under his real name as well.
    Lets face it, if he does return to the ring, how much mic time will he get as a jobber, cause thats most likely what he would be again.

  • Sammo

    I wonder how a porn star will fit into the PG WWE era… maybe they’ll repackage him as strip-o-gram.

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