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Velvet Sky Talks About Trying Out for WWE & The Knockouts Division

The Post and Courier recently interviewed Velvet Sky, here are some highlights from the interview.

The Knockouts division: “The Knockouts division is always going to be a strong division built around strong women. Back in 2007 when we all first started, it was very, very special. And it’s not going to ever be like that again. Don’t get me wrong. The group of girls that we have right now are great, and everybody gets along wonderfully. But the girls who I was with back in 2007 that helped start the division were special. It was just a special bond that we all shared.

“We were all starting out in this new company, living out of our dreams at the exact same time, side by side. I can’t say enough good things about those girls … the likes of Roxxi (Laveaux), (Awesome) Kong, Taylor Wilde, Raesha (Saeed), just to name a few. It was such a wonderful, wonderful time for the Knockouts. It was such a great division of girls. The girls who aren’t here anymore are missed deeply.”

Trying out for the WWE Diva Search prior to joining TNA: “Yes, I did. The only thing I’m going to say about that is the only reason I did that is because there were powers at be within that organization that told me they wanted to see me do it. Some higher-up people in the organization came to me and told me that they would like to see me do it. It’s not a way that I wanted to break into wrestling. But if someone is basically telling you that they want to see you do this, then you do it. You bite the bullet and you do it.

“I don’t know what their intentions were telling me to do it or what their plans were, but I’m glad it didn’t work out back then because I’m super happy in my spot here. Everything happens for a reason, and it just wasn’t my time then. I’m glad I didn’t get through.”

  • Yes

    ^YES! YES! YES!

  • Dr Killiwiggles

    ok then do porn Velvet, everyone wants you to do it, so “bite the bullet and do it”

  • Robinson

    @Shawn, im gonna have to disagree on that Buddy. You can either work for tna on a light schedule and be given opportunities due to your skill or kack there of of work an extremly hard schedule and possibly/most kikley be barried…. Wwe would be a better pay check but some People would rather be happier then be in wwe these days im sure.

  • Shawn

    Lies. Anyone that says they’re happier in TNA than WWE is full of it. I’m not saying WWE is a great place and I’m not saying TNA is a bad place, but you don’t get into something if you don’t want to get to the very top. Think about it: How many kids play baseball only to hope to play in Double A? How many people prefer to be in made-for-TV movies than on the Silver Screen? Is a singers career highlight playing in a bar?

    I understand that she’s probably happy being in TNA right now, but if WWE had signed her and she was on Raw or Smackdown, there’s no chance she’d be disappointed. Give me a break!

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I would love Velvet Sky in the WWE. SHe is what they want, she’s sexy and she can wrestle. The only problem is that WWE wouldn’t use her right at all so it would be better if she didn’t go to a weak women division

  • Little Jimmy

    “Funbags we comin fo Yo Nugguh!”

  • Little Jimmy

    I think Velvet is too Jersey Shore for WWE, Though me personally would love her to grace her presence in the E to quote Taz “Let the pigeons loosel!” Though That will be translated in WWE terms with my boy Booker T as her personal commentator “Don’t do it like dat BABY” Ah Shucky Ducky QUACK QUACK”