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Velvet Sky To Wrestle Melina Next Month, Opening For Tonight’s Impact, Sarita

— Northeast Wrestling has announced that Velvet Sky will face former WWE Diva Melina on March 23 in Poughkeepsie, New York and March 24 in Waterbury, Connecticut. Event details are available here.

— TNA Wrestling has posted a video of first 93 seconds of tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling on Spike. The event is billed as a special “Star Wars” themed episode from London’s Wembley Arena.

— says Velvet Sky and AJ Styles will appear at Direct Auto Insurance 3629 Broadway St. Kansas City, Missouri on March 1 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

— Sarita announced on Facebook that she will be competing at next week’s Impact Wrestling live events in West Virginia—February 17 in Huntington, 18 in Beckley, and 19 in Glenville.

  • Jason

    JIR that type of thinking is what is killing the WWE slowly. WCW had that same mind set and look what happened to them. There are 16 countries around the world where TNA is more popular than WWE. You have no idea how much TNA makes and losses so please shut up about things you have no right to talk about mark.

  • JIR

    Against better judgement but here I go again
    WWE will still make at WM this year what TNA will spend all year
    nothing against the the talent and the hard working folks there,
    but face the music WWE will always be the Majors every where else is Minors at best

  • Jason

    I wish the other Jason would just put something after his first name vs. what he does now. Oh well

  • jason

    29 mins of wrestling tonight, ten mins more than what Raw had.

  • Max

    Melina’s ass < Velvet's ass