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– Vickie Guerrero was interviewed by The Los Angeles Times to promote SummerSlam. Here are some highlights:

Q: How did you come up with the whole “Excuse me” line?

Guerrero: I came up with “Excuse me” when I was doing a promo on stage and I forgot my lines, so all I could think of to say was “Excuse me.” And the more I said it, the more upset the crowd got with me. The next night I tried “Excuse me” again, and that’s how it started happening.

Q: People love to boo you. Are you surprised by how much they boo you?

Guerrero: No, I love when they boo me. I love it. I love when I get them mad because if I don’t, then I’m not doing my job.

Q: Do you ever think people will one day cheer you?

Guerrero: I don’t want to be cheered. I’m a bad guy, so the boos and the mean faces and the yelling is something I look forward to every night.

Q: You have two daughters. If they wanted to join WWE, would you be happy with that?

Guerrero: My oldest daughter, Shaul, she’s 21 and she’s in WWE right now. She’s training to be with us on the road. And my youngest, Sherilyn, is 17 and she wants to study marine biology, so she won’t be with the company for a while.

Q: What do you think your late husband, the great Eddie Guerrero, would say to you if he could talk about your great success in WWE?

Guerrero: I’m hoping he would be proud of me, and I’m sure we’d laugh a lot. Watching him through the years, I learned a lot of the little smirks and the mean faces that he had so I learned a lot from him and hopefully I am making him proud.

  • shorty

    tombstone who are you calling a sick son of bitch very harsh words you used in message

  • Tombstone


    I realize you are simply a troll and trying everything you can to get the attention your mommy never gave you, But you really are one sick son of a bitch. Please seek the help of a good psychiatrist as soon as possible, and preferably one who can prescribe drugs, very strong drugs cause you certainly need them.

  • shorty

    the only reason the wwe universe does not cheer vickie guerero and that they boo her in stead is because the wwe universe hates Vickie Guerrero and wishes she would go away

  • TheSheepDog

    Could you imagine the heel pop if Vickie and Cole became joint raw GM’s? Think it would raise the bear in heel receptions

  • Stevie P

    You guys do know that “Excuse Me” is supposed to be annoying right? That’s the whole point of her saying it.

  • poko

    Vickie is the most over heel in the WWE right now. Good for her.

    Though, if you think about it, it’s also kind of sad for a non-wrestler to hold that spot.

  • yofits

    LOL remember when eddie was HELL PISSED at vickie at summerfest in 2005 during the Eddie-Rey ladder match because Vickie missed her que for a spot and he called her a fucking moron?

    good times.

    but he’ll be buring in hell for that one.
    and for the fact he did drugs and booze.
    and he’s a mexican.

  • Really

    Hasan has a point. Heels have to piss you off to get a reaction, but there is a point where something is so annoying you just dont want watch it anymore.

  • Hasan

    I love you Vickie, but please get rid of “excuse me”. It’s annoying as fuck!

  • Nick


  • Meat Flaps

    I’d like to be all over Vickie’s mud flaps.

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