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Vickie Has New Evidence, Lawler’s Return, History of the n.W.o.

– Embedded below is the video that aired during Monday’s episode of Raw, hyping Jerry “The King” Lawler’s return to the announce booth next week.

– WWE published an article looking at the history of the nWo. It’s a fun look back at the group that revolutionized the industry.

– Vickie Guerrero wrote the following on message on Twitter earlier today.

“FYI. Additional evidence has been delivered to me from an anonymous source #CougarInCharge @johncena @WWEAJLee @WWE”

  • theMark

    and then The King has a seizure and dies!!!!!

  • DaveyH

    This whole angle with Cena-AJ really does suck, to the point where Cena even mocked it on RAW and quite rightly mentioned Vickie’s own past first with Edge, then with Dolph. But yet now WWE has acknowledged its own storyline inconsistency that somehow justifies the whole thing? The only way any credibility could be salvaged from this is if it turns out Dolph is boning AJ, but if that leads to a Dolph face turn Cena’s invlvement will just be forgotten because they won’t turn him heel for the sake of this non storyline

  • Jerk Factor

    With all due respect to the King, unless he is rejuvenated and back with a bounce in his step and some vigour, then please stay away from the RAW announce booth, or go to Smackdown, mix things up a bit Vince! Or HHH or whoever is running things…

  • anghellic1

    Its probably just me but this angle isnt interesting to me in the least

  • bigDEVOfan

    error is typing who gives a crap or who really cares about what evidence Buffalo Butt has this time if she Vickie Guerrero is managing supervisor of monday night raw then she needs to focus on running monday night raw and worry alittle less about what other wwe superstars do or they dont do

  • bigDEVOfan

    who gives a crap a bout what supposed evidence buffalo but has this time if she is raw managing supervisor she needs to focus on that and stop worry about what other people do or dont do

  • Hasan

    dat amount of evidence!