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Vickie Guerrero Ready For This Week, Layla Reveals Her True Age, Shelly Martinez

– Vickie Guerrero, who will reign as Interim General Manager on Raw SuperShow and SmackDown this week, tweeted the following: “Ready for my week to have control of Raw and Smackdown… office better be ready for occupancy.”

– WWE Divas Champion Layla celebrates her birthday today, however, it is not her thirty-fourth as numerous websites list. She stated yesterday on Twitter that she actually turns thirty-five years old today.

– In her latest Get In Shape For Summer video, Shelly Martinez explains how to eliminate food cravings.


– Booker T is today’s featured Superstar on

  • J-Dogg

    Vickie did horrible, Teddy next week will do awesome, they want to keep Teddy and throw the old bitch cougar to the curb

  • shorty

    vickie guerrero did a terrble job as temporary GM for monday night raw for this week and will do just as a terrible job running Friday night smackdown for this week Vickie guerrero should not hold her breath on being permanent GM because it wont happen as it was the wwe universe was not happy at all or thrilled she was GM for this week only on Monday night raw and Friday night smackdown, plus she looked terrible in a outfit which was much too small for her

  • voice of reason

    wow layla is 35 i would have said mid 20’s anyways i don’t care she is totally smokin hot i know i wouldnt kick her out of my bed.

  • shorty

    vickie guerrero is far from a sexy cougar just old over weight and washed up

  • Dave

    Heel GMs always use nepotism to get some easy heat. How better to get the crowd to hate you than to show favouritism to people they dislike?

  • J-Dogg

    Vickie drives me nuts with the “excuse me” every 5 words out of her mouth. I agree with some that she is a sexy cougar, I also agree with some that she needs to move on to other things, behind the scenes. This week will only be “Dolph this and Dolph that” being put in title shots. Use her power for making her boy toy try and get a title shot. She needs to aquire a real wrestler with some abilities and not just a whiny $hit.

  • john

    austin for RAW GM!!!!

  • john

    fuck off Vicky Guerrero!!

  • chronoxiong

    Layla is hot for a 35 year old. Dat ass.

  • LVW

    Excuse me! I said EXCUSE ME!

  • Dave

    You do realise she will be playing the GM character for this week. She won’t actually be writing the show or anything like that.

  • shorty

    Vickie Guerrero means shes ready to ruin monday night raw and friday night smackdown for this week the inexperienced way she has run both shows in the past as a past general manager, I for one will NOT be watching this week with her ruining and running both shows monday night raw and friday smackdown in to the ground even if its just for one week Vickie Guerrero think everythings about her but its not about Vickie Guerrero its about the wwe universe and what the wwe universe wants to see as they pay for the tickets with their hard earned money to go to these shows and the viewers at home its about them too not vickie guerrero will resume watching monday night raw and friday smackdown next week

  • mark

    she sure is. who gives a fuck if she is 34 or 35???

  • me

    Layla is ridiculously fucking sexy.

  • Little Jimmy

    *Thinks of Layla* “OH DONT DO IT Like dat BABY!” “AH Shucky Ducky QUACK QUACK!” *

  • Logan

    I thought she was younger, oh well shes still gorgeous.

    “Older the the berry sweeter the juice! Man, it’s blacker the berry sweeter the juice.” -Friday

  • The Awesome One

    layla looks like shes 23 shes so hot

  • No Name Required

    Thanks Shelley I been trying to work on my figure.