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Vickie Guerrero Re-branding Herself, CM Punk Pays Tribute to Eddie Guerrero, More

– Vickie Guerrero returned to the ring at last night’s SmackDown live event in El Paso, Texas – her hometown. Vickie announced that she is re-branding herself as the Queen Diva. She ended up defeating Kaitlyn with AJ Lee as the special referee. Vickie got the win after a cheap shot and a slow count by AJ. After the match, Vickie taunted AJ but got laid out with a Shining Wizard.

While in El Paso, Vickie took part in a new photoshoot. Here’s a preview:

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– CM Punk defeated Daniel Bryan in a Street Fight at last night’s SmackDown event in El Paso. As always when in El Paso, Punk paid tribute to the late Eddie Guerrero after the match. A fan report from the event states that Punk tried to get an “Eddie” chant going but most of the crowd didn’t get it.

  • shorty

    Vickie Guerrero is not a trained and a experienced wrestler she has no business being in the wrestling ring, shes putting her self at risk for serious injury to being a inexperienced wrestler she is not fit to be competing in sports thats what i meant by hit the gym
    so if she is the queen diva as she calls her self how come shes not in the diva focus photo shoots like the real wwe divas
    think about that
    shes just a wanna be diva

  • voice of reason

    lets teach the cena kids & have a eddie guerrero appreciation night.

  • SYM

    This pisses me off. The Fucking kids in El Paso don’t even know who Eddie Guerrero is? In Fucking El Paso! I honestly hate the young Wrestling Fans and I’d trade them for Eddie any damn day.

  • Are you fucken serious??? They don’t remember Eddie Guerrero???
    Damn….. Too much Cena this and Cena that!! >.<

  • shorty

    how did vickie guerrero win the wrestling match by putting her feet
    on the ring ropes as usual? give me a break
    who is she kidding

  • shorty

    how many years has vickie guerrero been wrestling? is she actually a experienced wrestler? Give me a break will she ever quit
    and shes not the queen diva more like the queen blimp
    no offense she has gained back a lot of the weight she lost
    hit the gym vickie

  • EVH

    From the legs down, Vicky aint that bad.

  • john

    cena wants to be a shamed! he thinks it’s awesome having kids as his fans but they don’t know the history of the WWE.. don’t even know who Eddie G is? it’s a disgrace!! i hope WWE get their heads screwed on quick!! before WWE ends up on cartoon network

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Please don’t ever put Vickie Vs. AJ on PPV.

  • Superman

    Well that seems like a lie to me I live in el paso and we are not shy about our love for Eddie and no matter what an Eddie chant always starts

  • TheSheepDog

    Damn those pesky Cena kids

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Wow, that last bit was really facepalm worthy. How the hell do wrestling fans in El Paso NOT know who Eddie Guerrero is.

  • Hank

    Didn’t get it? In El Paso? Shameful. I guess kids really have taken over arenas.