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Vickie Hypes Evidence, Punk Confirmed as Grand Marshall, More

– Matches for today’s WWE Superstars on include Tensai vs. Justin Gabriel and Jinder Mahal vs. Jimmy Uso.

– Tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown will be a replay from Tuesday’s Super SmackDown with Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Falls Count Anywhere main event.

– Vickie Guerrero continues to hype the new evidence she’s bringing to RAW for AJ Lee and John Cena. She tweeted:

“Tune into Raw when you “HEAR” my latest evidence. I am loving my job. Thank you again @WWEAJLee @JohnCena #CougarInCharge”

– It is now confirmed that WWE Champion CM Punk will be the Grand Marshall of the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade on Thanksgiving morning in Chicago. The parade airs on WGN.

  • Pat

    get a life? i might say the same thing to you, and i question everything about you 🙂 and what happened to keeping to one name? like i said
    there are people you should talk to, take some meds, or something
    #SEEKHELP plz

  • smartgal

    listen pat i lost 40 pounds and i am still losing weight
    so you can keep your remarks to yourself. i lost the weight and kept the weight off for a very long time i been working out at gyms for 12 and a half years and i do walks and cardio
    im losing weight, no i dont sit on my but i go to gym i go for walks outisde, and i work for a living, dont ever question my weight again again i am losing weight still losing weight so pat take your remarks and keep them to your self. I have a boyfriend who loves me for who i am for the weight i lost and that is what counts
    get a life

  • Pat

    good lord, just cuz you’re fat and have no life, sit in your parent’s basement full of blowup dolls, cuz no one in their right would be seen with you in real life, doesnt mean you gotta get all hard up on someone who is clearly better then you and has been able to keep the weight off unlike you, dont be so jaded, just #SEEKHELP soon

  • bigDEVOfan

    yeah i bet the fat tub of lard vickie guerrero loves her job
    which she wont have much longer as she abuses her power
    Vickie Guerrero have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? You need to lose some serious weight again as you got very fat again gaining back all the weight you lost, guess you wont be doing anymore bikini photo shoots because now you ahve the stomach the size of a fat beer belly

  • Pat


  • smartgal

    vickie guerrero needs to focus more on her job of being raw managing supervisor and less worrying about other wwe superstars and what they do or they dont do because if she continues to be unfocused on her job as raw managing supervisor then she wont have the job very long because she is not taking the job seriously and wasting vince mc mahons time as well as the wwe board of directors time hope thats a better comment
    its time for vickie guerrero to be fired from wwe she is annoying to the company the wwe superstars as well as the wwe universe and she needs to move on maybe she can to to impact wrestling and manage her nephew chavo guerrero as shes done that in the past then she would be out of everyones hair in the wwe cause everyone is sick to death of her and her crap

  • smartgal

    again vickie guerrero PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pat

    really? a new name wow crazy shit i tell ya

  • bigDEVOfan

    Van no you are not the only one who is sick of The Vickie Shit
    so what other supposed evidence does that buffalo butt have this time
    if i was Vickie Guerrero I would enjoy loving her job while she can because,she wont have her job much longer as its a temporary job
    and being she is abusing her power and not takng the job of raw managing supervisor seriouly the wwe board of directors will catch on to her shady crap what was vince mc mahon thinking think he got a few screws knocked out loose during that match with CM punk last month think vickie guerrero should be future endevoured the fat lard she is im so sick to death of her

  • Van

    Am I the only one sick to death of the Vickie
    Aj shit it’s doing nothing but making the show
    Like bad and totally buring Aj lee


    This Vickie evidence story line is stupid and boring