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Why Vickie Re-Hired AJ, Touts from USA Guy, Flair’s Daughter

– WWE Superstar Derrick Bateman had knee surgery earlier this week but that doesn’t mean his USA Guy character has to stop sending out Touts:

– Vickie Guerrero re-hiring AJ Lee as a member of the WWE Divas roster is building to a singles match between the two.

– Officials at WWE developmental have been impressed with how well Ashley Flair’s mic work has improved. Ashley has been performing under the name Charlotte. One source said he wouldn’t be surprised to see her on one of WWE’s main TV shows before mid-2013 because of the name value alone.

Partial source:

  • smartypants

    i agree the aj lee and vickie guerrero fued has been building on and off for a very long time since june

  • Will Henderson

    regarding the AJ Lee being “rehired as a wrestler” part, in the words of Sgt. Hartman from Full Metal Jacket.

    “well, No Shit”.

    it was a always a part of the plan as the AJ Lee/Vickie Guerrero feud has been building on and off since June, they just now finally are rolling with it.

  • Pat

    beautiful gal still have that massive hard on for Vickie, talk about real devotion ya got there…

  • Kujo

    Only one lady name in NXT matters and it sure as hell isn’t Ashley Flair.


  • Nick

    Instead of a Vicki-AJ match, they should be focusing on a match between Kharma and Beth…once they come back and if

  • beautiful gal

    i agree with SYM Vickie Guerrero will be terrible in the ring, reason why is because Vickie Guerrero is not a trained and a experienced wrestler like Aj lee is and Vickie Guerrero is not fit or in good enough shape anymore, due to her weight gain, putting back on the weight she lost, so aj lee being shes in better shape and the better experienced wrestler will win the singles match between her and vickie when that match does eventually takes place

  • cc

    If name value meant anything to WWE and a guaranteed place on the main roster, why do they always seem to change the names of people who have name value?

  • SYM

    Vickie will be terrible in the ring.