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Vickie Responds to Nash, AJ Comments on Saturday Morning Slam, Helms

– Former WWE star Shane Helms noted on Twitter that he will be missing ICP’s The Gathering because flight problems have him stuck in Nova Scotia until Monday.

– WWE RAW General Manager AJ Lee wrote the following about WWE’s new Saturday morning TV show, indicating that she may have a role on it. Ash Ketchum is apparently a character from Pokemon:

“August 25: ‘WWE Saturday Morning Slam’ premieres at 10 am on @MyVortexx on the @CW_Net. This may finally be my chance to meet Ash Ketchum.”

– Vickie Guerrero posted the following on Twitter in response to Kevin Nash’s recent comments about Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero:

“Comments from @realkevinnash, “inlaws”, or anyone else about Eddie, me, or my girls, just shows how insecure & unhappy they live”

  • shorty

    what the hell is wrong with my comment to make three people not like my comment it was very respectful comment sheesh
    think some of you people need to find better things to do with your time besides disrespect my comments and my opinions
    dont need this rude crap

  • Marc Middleton

    @Buttercastle & @SYM,

    I want to take a shit in both of your mouths.

  • SYM

    Ok #1 Middleton ur a Idiot for saying APPARENTLY, #2 Who Cares what AJ says, she gave her body for a Job. And #3 People should let Eddie rest and leave his soul be.

  • shorty

    i agree one hundred percent that it is very wrong and
    very disrespectful for Kevin Nash to disrespect Vickie Guerreros
    late husband Eddie Guerrero not only is Kevin Nash disrespecting
    Eddie Guerrero’s Legacy in Wrestling and the wwe Kevin Nash is also disrespecting Eddie Guerrero’s Widow Vickie Guerrero as well as their two daughters

  • mtlhitman

    Nexxxxxxxxxtttt !

  • Will Henderson

    AJ Lee was making a Kids TV show joke, she may not have a role on this show.

  • Bill

    There’s no way I’ll watch this Saturday Morning Slam, especially if it’s 15 minutes of Be A Star shit, 10 minutes of ads & corny Hornswoggle jokes, & 5 minutes of Kofi Kingston or R-Truth vs. a heel jobber. I know it’s for little kids, but still. Shotgun Saturday Night(the old WWE saturday show) had Undertaker vs. Triple H in a Subway station!

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    Pokemon in WWE? More pandering to the kiddies, I guess.

  • Buttercastle

    Ash Ketchum isn’t APPARENTLY. He IS the main character from Pokemon. Get it together Middleton!

  • johnny depp

    eddie:- hey buddy.. i just heard like u teased me…is it?
    nash:- no man, i was just kidding..LOL
    eddie:- yeah? but i came back for do some change like kevin nash turn into hell nash

  • Greatest one

    I insult dead people all the time. They can’t defend themselves so I always win!!

  • Tyson Kidd is better than everyone of you

    Nash is a fu*cking moron, I wish he was the one that died instead of Eddie.