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Video – 5 Minutes with Velvet Sky


  • GreasyRabbit75

    5 minutes with Velvet Sky only lasted 3:50, lol

  • keylo

    @Shawn ask your momma and she tell ya how long I last

  • King albert

    who gives a shit

  • Justin sane

    @Shawn: way too funny

  • King

    sorry too much info but i couldnt help myself lol sorry ppl..have a great memorial day everyone

  • King

    shiit i wouldnt mind 5mins with her either but the things i would do with her is way longer then 5mins say like eat her wet juicy shaved delicious Pussy!!! =)~~ yummy let alone fuck her in every position possiblle for unlimited amount of times each lol…id basically fuck her until my dick fell off lol

  • Shawn

    You wouldn’t last that long.

  • keylo

    5 mins with Velvet Sky, hmm I wouldn’t mind that.