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[Video] AJ Styles Releases His Own Pipe Bomb On Impact

What were your thoughts? Comment below…


  • Elvis Dolinski

    I”m pretty sure AJ thought he killed it on the might with his tone deaf ears, then replayed it in the back, and nothing but boo’s, he asked Eugene if the promo was good and he agree that chickens make lousy turtles

  • CC

    Its not a pipebomb. Most of it is story orientated. The Punk pipebomb stepped outside storylines and attacked the actual company and business. Nothing in Punks promo referenced anything story related.
    AJ has never been great on a mic, and this just reinforces it. Great wrestler, but he just does not have the personality to get you excited over his promos.
    This “pipebomb” just comes across as being a copycat of Punks promo, and its just too late and not as good.
    Pretty much everyone is now just expecting him to win the title and threaten to leave just as Punk did, only to return.

  • Kayfab breaker

    I say for the 11 years I’ve been watching TNA counting the weekly pay-per-views he has been the go to man in the company since the beginning and he will always be the best that this company has had that they didn’t raid from the other federations and and defunct companies. Now when he had a feud with Dusty Rhodes, he even had a good thing going for him. Say what you will of his promo here you got to understand, he is a family man and has a family that he needs to feed . Now if you all don’t like that you can all go back to your little mundane lives and enjoy your little 5 dollar lattes and turn a blind eye to the next big thing. Which will be AJ winning the world title right before he jumps ship to WWE withthe title and pull a Ric Flair. If nobody knows what I’m refering to, you need to comb through your daddy’s tapes circa 1992-1993 and watch Ric Flair debut in the WWE as a lacky of Bobby Heenan

  • Eddie

    Just shows why WWE have never given two shits.

  • ssadasd

    This was one of the worst promo’s ever, a “wannabe” pipe bomb, third grade style, no good. That was nothing but a normal “Waah Waah, My job sucks but I do it anyway” promo, and he was getting booed.

    Not good heat but, well, Xpac Heat. Disco Inferno heat. Ryback heat.

  • Robert James Smith

    that was horrible.

  • Grant Thomson

    One of the worst promos I’ve seen in a long time. It was painful watching him struggle through that

  • Stumpy

    Pipebomb? That was more like a firecracker compared to AJ Lee’s promo. And forget about comparing it to Punk.

  • xXx

    and how is this a ‘pipebomb’?