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Video of Cena Granting a Wish, WWE Star Up for PETA Award, Del Rio, The Rock

– Alberto Del Rio will be appearing at Kmart on Floresta Boulevard in San Leandro, California on January 15th, 2012 at 10am. The signing is open to the first 300 fans and a wristband policy is in effect.

– The Rock began filming his new movie “Snitch” this weekend.

– Daniel Bryan has been nominated by PETA for the Most Animal-Friendly Athlete of 2011. Voting is now open at Bryan is going up against MLB star Chase Utley, NFL star Willis McGahee and MMA fighter Jake Shields. In addition to Bryan living a vegan lifestyle, he also spends time working with shelters to find homes for animals.

– Below is footage of John Cena granting 4 year old Lleyton Coombes’ wish at a recent WWE live event. Apparently Chris Jericho had a hand in the wish being granted.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Cena is one hell of a man. And no Dumbass Cena loves granting wishes for the children and nobody makes him do it. Cena’s gimmick is what his young fans love. And I agree with @moo the weak love to hate on the strong.
    Remember No man stands as tall as when he bends over to help a child.

  • moo

    John Cena is a wonderful person and a good role model for children. Ric Flair is a horrible person and is very overrated. who cares if Cena beats his record?. Certain people hate Cena, because the weak always hate the strong.I wouldn’t call myself a fan but he does not deserve to be booed.

  • MJ

    Nobody is hating on cena as a person hell he’s a nice guy but he characther sucks ass and i dont care about the superman gimmick. Him beating flair’s record? Damn why would anyone want that? First hulk hogan now this?

  • venom

    People don’t hate Cena as a person. They hate his character.

  • phoenix

    If WWE didn’t push him like they did he wouldn’t be doing that somebody else would be. He is the face of the company so they have him do stuff like that it’s somebody that the kids would want to see. Pretty sure they wouldn’t be as happy if it was Alberto Del Rio or the Miz.

  • JIR

    I don’t hate the guy for all the charity and hard work he puts in I applaud him for it I hate how stale his in-ring character is.

  • W.cares

    I hope all the people hating on John Cena ACTUALLY hang themselves in shame after watching that clip. May not be the best wrestler in the world but for stuff like that, I hope he surpasses Ric Flair World Title count