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Video: CM Punk Speaks, New Episode of Zack Ryder’s YouTube Show with Morrison

– WWE Champion CM Punk spoke with in New York City last weekend. Punk talks about his tattoos, WWE ’12, getting on the cover of WWE ’13, Steve Austin and lots more. You can watch below:

– Below is episode #41 of “Z! True Long Island Story” with Zack Ryder. In this episode, John Morrison makes a special appearance and more:


    CM Punk is no Austin not even close. At first he was going somewhere with his pipebomb but now he says and does alot of stupid SHIT thats not entertaining.

  • adam

    I think morrison is going to stay its just a hunch but i have a feeling. I mean why would he be on this stuff and actually appear on raw latley i think he is staying.

  • CM Mark

    HAHA yeah that’s what I thought too when I bought my copy of WWE 12, what a crappy cover!

  • TS93

    Lol at morrisons death

  • SusyRko

    I’m gonna miss John Morrison in the wwe

  • Buttercastle

    ^ And that’s how you can tell who doesn’t love actual entertainment.

  • KGM Da Master

    The FACE CM Punk sucks! Ryder and Morrison are losers. Alberto for the triple crowning of a dominate year will begin at TLC!