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Video: Cody Rhodes Blasts Fan for Yelling ‘Stardust’

During an appearance at an indie wrestling event this past weekend, a fan continued to heckle former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes by yelling ‘Stardust’ at him. Rhodes would respond by performing a ‘Stardust cartwheel’ and capping it off by letting the fan know he’s number one. You can check it out here:

  • Chris E.

    Did anyone catch his promo on ROH tv before he faced Corino? Freaking amazing.

  • Leedraven

    I thought his storyline with the mask and the bags for fans was great. That’s where they dropped the ball

  • Khosrow

    They didn’t drop the ball with him as much as he needed to leave to reinvent himself. He has definitely held up his part of the deal and reinvented himself into a main event guy. Time for WWE to suck it up and bring him home. WWE is going to have to pay the man this time though. Good for Cody, much respect.

  • CC

    “blasts fan”? Really? I didn’t see him “blast” anyone.

  • Hbk

    Classic cody rhodes…. God wwe dropped the ball with him he was one of their best talents…. I miss the legacy with him Orton a dibiasie