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Video: Dolph Ziggler Asked If He Thinks He Deserves a Main Event Push and More

– Dolph Ziggler spoke with CBS 19 Cleveland Entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet on Wednesday. He talked about his dream WrestleMania 30 opponent, wanting to go 60 minutes against Daniel Bryan and lots more. Ziggler was asked if he deserves a main event push right now and replied with the following:

“I feel that I can absolutely put the company on my back, go out there entertain on the mic, entertain in the back, do media days, do movies, do TVs, you name it and steal the show every single night. And one day, when that happens everyone will be like ‘oh yeah, I knew all along’. I get a bad rap for speaking my mind sometimes from some people on the Internet like the people who cheered for me when I cashed in the Money In The Bank briefcase as a bad guy because they were sick of the same old. Those guys have kind of turned on me a little bit because they’re like ‘he deserves to be in trouble, he speaks his mind too much’. This is about entertainment, I’m here to entertain. If I blur the lines, even better! Have some controversy around it for something, I think that’s what makes it fun and I’m all about having fun and nobody has more fun in that ring every night.”