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Video: Gargano on Why He’s Sticking with DGUSA and Not Joining WWE

– Dragon Gate USA star Johnny Gargano will not be joining WWE after re-signing with DGUSA. Gargano retained his title by defeating Akira Tozawa this weekend at the DGUSA Untouchable 2012 iPPV and cut a promo after the match talking about why he is sticking around with DGUSA. Here is the video of Gargano after the match:

  • Devil_Rising

    It depends on what you call “true alternative”. I think when people say that, they’re referring to an ability to actually make money wrestling in the US. ROH doesn’t/can’t pay their wrestlers a whole lot of money. Other indy promotions can pay them even less. You can make a shitload wrestling in Japan, if you’re good enough. But in the US, indies don’t make much money at all. So basically, Gargano decided that money wasn’t that important to him, not as much as putting on a good show and trying to build a small promotion up. And kudos to him for that.

  • Dan

    Most honest promo I’ve heard in years, very profound statement, much luck, they say TNA is the only true alternative to the wwe, I say every independant promotion out there is the only true alternative, or else why would Vince and Hunter and Stephanie so hastily rape it n then shit all over it?

  • The ReBeL

    I wonder what the promo would have been if his step-father’s jail thing didn’t come into the spotlight =)