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Gregory Helms On WWE’s Treatment of Wrestlers, Salary Lies, Matt Hardy & more

  • STUDDHammer

    is it me or does HURRICANE sound and wanna be BLACK???
    what a LOSER, glad he’s gone…

  • Soulshroude

    The only reason why Matt seems to suck in the audiences eyes, is for the fact that WWE has him as a jobber. Pure and simple. The only ones who like to insult Matt are fair weathered fans. Prove me wrong.

  • Truthiness

    Matt sucks, face it. I’ve watched the guy for years waiting for him to do something entertaining and it’s never happened. It’s not creatives fault, he has had chances. Creative can’t force someone to get over with the audience.

  • Rich

    you know alot of people think that the wwe life is so glamarous but hurricane tells the truth and you can tell he’s not bitter he’s just tellin the truth…he even says he dosen’t hate the wwe…i liked this interview and i hope he has another one..what he says about matt hardy is totally one wants to push matt hardy and wrestlers such as the hurricane,jeff hardy,and shannon moore are pissed watchin him get buried

  • rik does trixie

    at least it wasnt boring it stayed interesting up until the end.

  • Trixie

    OMG that was WAY to fucking long.

  • ……………..

    Greg Helms is the truth