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Video of HHH-Taker on Kimmel, Introducing Cody Hall, Nash’s Next Movie Role

– Below is new video of Scott Hall’s son Cody, who is training to become a professional wrestler:

– As noted earlier today, the segment with Triple H and The Undertaker from last week’s RAW was mocked on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Here’s the video. The segment begins around the 0:51 mark.

– As noted months back, Kevin Nash was cast to appear in a new movie called Magic Mike with actor Channing Tatum. The movie is about male strippers and hits theaters on June 29th. A new photo online shows Nash on stage with Tatum, making it apparent that Nash has a bigger role than originally expected.


    What happened in 1995?

  • Jason

    Yep work for Vince and get fucked over like your dad did in 1995. Smart kid


    Well Triple H had to Fu#k Stephanie too get over So I guess he’s going to have too fu#k Taker to end streak lol

  • Jon

    6’7 250? Damn. He might actually have potential. He’s about the same size as his dad, so that’s a plus. I hope his voice hits puberty though, because he sounds insanely high-pitched compared to Scott lol

  • TG

    Well I’m not going bash this Scott Hall’s kid but clearly he needs to research the business more because Randy Orton is 3rd generation. Plus he said he doesn’t wanna be another DiBiase, hey I would looking forward to Ted doing big things last year which we all were. Just another one of them guys with talent but not really having things go his way hopefully after this fued with Hunico (who is a hell of a competitor) he can get another push.