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Video Interview: CM Punk Discusses Zack Ryder, a Possible Match with Austin & More

– Below is a video interview that CM Punk did with “Mike on a Monday” last week at The Pint Public House in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Punk discusses his future with WWE, the future of the wrestling business, future Zack Ryder, a possible match with Steve Austin and more.

  • StudDog

    I do remember Dusty’s hard times promo. Thanks for bringing that up. Have not thought of that one in years.

  • poko

    It was also a line Austin used often, usually playing off what another performer said, or when some object was involved. It was sometimes followed by his “and that’s the bottom line” phrase. If I remember right, it was usually said to Vince McMahon.

    The Nikita Koloff thing is interesting. Sometimes the most memorable promos are when a little bit of true creeps in. The Dusty Rhodes “Hard Times” promo comes to mind.

  • StudDog

    Maybe a little off topic but I remember one wrestler totally catching me off gaurd with a comment(not really a promo) It was Nakita Kolof right after Magnum TA’s accident. He simply said I weep for maga TA. This was during a major feud between them.

  • StudDog

    Stone cold Steve Austin actually had great promo’s, too bad all anyone seems to remember are the catch phrases. He was doing great promo’s all the way back when he was one half of the hollywood blond’s. AKA Stunning Steve Austin.

    And Poko The Rock was the one who was always saying something about shoving something up someones ass, Stone Cold talked about whooping ass.

  • Matt

    I like punk but cmon, we are talking about THE stone cold steve austin here. No one is better than him when it comes to promo with the exception of the rock. I still think that 96-98 austin’s promos > any of rock’s promo.

  • Daniel

    also easy to type comments under multiple names

  • Assassino

    @Daniel your probably a pimple popping teen with no sex life…. see it’s easy to say things isnt it. 🙂

  • Cool Mark Punk

    @Daniel, Congrats on winning the shi*test comment of the week.

  • Daniel


    ur probably one of thoses kid who loves cena cuz you never knew the attitude era

  • Zidano666

    CM Punk Is one of the best ever on the mic prob second to the rock…. Cant wait for a CM Punk book.

  • poko

    I never thought much of Austin’s promo skills, personally. Not because he wasn’t effective at it, as he certainly got the crowd fired up, but because it was pretty much the same promo every time. As JJJ said, you always got a flood of catch-phrases. Yeah, audiences always love catch-phrases, but they’re hardly on the level of NWA-era Ric Flair, or even the unpredictability of Roddy Piper. Austin was great at generating a pop, but I think that had more to do with the attitude of his character than what he actually said. You can only hear someone tell another person to shove something up their ass a limited number of times before the phrase loses its luster.

  • scooter

    the whole thing about not acting phoney or playing a character online just screams matt hardy to me

  • StudDog

    ^ ^ ^ In my opinion.

  • StudDog

    JJJ: And Punk knows the name of some people that use to work for WWE, fakes puking, and says pipe bomb.

    Actually they both have their pros and cons Punk is very good but Austin is totally awesome on the mic.

  • MJ

    woah!! @JJ austin is golden on the mic! He made a shoot promo in ECW and it was the best promo in history! In wwf he said hell yeah and things like that but he could promo with the rock and it became the rivalry period!

  • JJJ

    right … cause saying that you whoop somebody ass and give me a hell yeah it´s deep promo. Austin have the star power of the 90´s, but promo material? nah, it´s just charisma cause he is ston cold

  • StudDog

    A match with Austin? So Punk dont like being a star and wants to get buried? Austin would kill him on promos alone.

  • Snark Mark

    mmmmm…. CM Punk is campbells good.