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- Kevin Eck of The Baltimore Sun has a new interview up with WWE Champion John Cena where he talks about The Rock, R-Truth and more. The interview was done on Tuesday morning as Cena visited kids at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. You can watch it below:

  • hitman_far

    If rock is not an employee of WWE,why he come at wrestlemania and interfair in john cena’s match.?

  • me

    i agree with everything cenasucks said.

    i’d also like to add, cena sucks.

    that is all, thank you.


    Just want to point out, Cena says he is there every week, rock isnt, well guess what dumbass, thats because the rock isnt an employee of wwe and you are, and guess what john, 10 years ago, when rock was an employee , he was there every week and you werent lol and gues what john, when rock was there every week he took the business to heights it hadnt ever been before and since he left and you joined, the company has went one way, and thats down

    on a side note, if cena actually believes that bullshit he was saying about wwe being entertaining blah blah then he i everything that is wrong with wwe, not just his character, but him

  • Peep this

    @ Camille HA yep its supercena to the rescue. All he needs is a cape and well your right. Then again maybe the writers will surprise us and let R-truth win. Doubt it.

    On a side note I dont get where Cena is coming from. The rock said “he was never going away.” I mean hello Cena he has another job and well, he out promoting is 500 million move. I mean come on dude. I swear though at that mania if fucking Cena wins the Rock needs to live you his name. Take the Rock and berry it in the sand. I just cant see Cena winning. That be like Stone cold who we know will never wrestle again. Comes out of retirement only to get beat by supercena. I think not. But then again anything the wwe does these days is so jacked it hard to watch sometimes.

  • Camille

    Well he’s a good spokesman and he threw some zingers at The Rock, but let’s be honest about CP. It’s going to be 15 minutes of R-Truth dominating Cena and then Cena OUT OF NOWHERE!!~~ battling back and winning, barring any schmoz.