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Video: John Cena Praises Antonio Cesaro Big Time In Post-Match Segment from Munich

– The Great Khali worked as a heel at Saturday’s WWE live event in Munich. He lost to Antonio Cesaro, who worked as the babyface. Cesaro came out to a huge reaction from the fans and cut a promo on Khali. Khali then cut a heel promo. The match was described as the worst match of the night. After the match, Cesaro spoke in German and said he loves everyone there.

Later on after John Cena won the main event, he called out Cesaro to translate for him. Cena put over the German fans before talking about Cesaro. Cesaro wouldn’t translate Cena’s comments about him so Cena said it in English. Cena praised Cesaro and called him a future champion. Cena tossed Cesaro the World Heavyweight Title. Cesaro thanked Cena but tossed it back and said the wrong name was on the plate. Cesaro promised to return to Germany as WWE Champion one day. Cesaro ended up speaking some more and signing autographs for fans until WWE staff had to escort him to the back so they could clean the ring.

Here is video of the segment:

  • Solid

    So if Cena is praising him does that mean he’ll get more of a push on TV now? 😛

  • Matthew Farrell

    If WWE can blame Bryan for the low Summerslam buyrate, then I certainly wouldn’t put it past them to blame Cesaro for Khali’s lack of skill.

  • Scooter

    Well they were obviously happy with him to allow him to do this.

  • Nick

    Why would he take the blame for it? Noone whose ever had a match with Khali has been able to have a decent match with him…WWE knows Khali is shit and can barely move in the ring. Plus, Cena putting over Cesaro like that is HUGE! I don’t know if anything’ll come out of it, but it’s still a huge rub nonetheless and having Cena behind you is never a bad thing. Just look at Langston…he’s buddy buddy with Cena and is getting a decent push now. I would love for Cesaro to turn face soon(sense the fans are starting to like him ever since he started the big swing move). Have him turn on Swagger and Colter, then build to a Cena/Cesaro WHC match at Rumble perhaps. Just my dreaming tho, that’ll never happen more then likely.

  • Shawn OB

    Even when Khali was involved? He doesn’t even understand how a battle royal works.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Im sure cesaro will get the blame for the match being poor.