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New Video from Matt Hardy, Comments from His Girlfriend & More

– Below is Matt Hardy’s latest YouTube video. Hardy pretty much mocks his wreck over the weekend that resulted in Driving While Impaired charges.

It turns out that the phone number Hardy posted last night wasn’t his but the number of a man that lives near him.

Hardy’s girlfriend Reby Sky was asked online about Hardy and said the only reason Hardy is still alive is because of her. Sky said she’s “Hurt / exasperated / exhausted / furious / tired of being lied to / tired of enablers. Just tired” of the whole situation.

  • venom

    My job blocks these videos. I’ll have to check it out when I get home. I’m sorry Ruby, you are going to have to check him in. Fatt Hardy sounds like he thinks the world is after him.

  • RPM

    yeah he’s done
    that video was really creepy.

  • James

    Anybody else thinking…amy winehouse?

  • i,m a paul heyman guy

    poor matt jokes lol

  • Dave

    His house looks like a crack den.

  • Trixie

    I feel bad for his girlfriend.

  • Ajd

    Like DOCBROWN said:



    I feel bad for reby, and his dad.

  • Leon

    I want 3:30 of my life back

  • adam

    Well in the first videos he posted the Entity was the WWE if he is still blaming him for his problems that would be funny. BUt now it could refer to TNA.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    The entity strikes again? Someone mind explaining for those who don’t follow him. Is he blaming everything that happens on a ghost? Sounds better than tigerblood, Fatt needs to pass a sample to Sheen.

  • Henry Langford

    Someone’s going to get pancaked.

  • Kiki

    This just goes to show that Matt has a serious problem…and he needs some help. He’s going to hurt himself or someone else….and then what? He’s got nothing. Matt, get help!

  • adam

    WOW matt is back on youtube YES this is were he belongs lol. He needs some serious help honestly. He made the comment that he would go back to wwe or think about it. If you want them to even consider matt hardy again you gotta straigten your self up.

  • sam

    that sh!t is scary man


    What Matts going to say he was possessed now? Strange video!


    matt hardy needs help… asap.