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PAIGE and AJ LEE Ass Pics *Must-See*


    Finally he actually talks about what really happened for the most part. I was really worried about him with the whole “MATTHEW” thing. But sadly he wants his release so he can go to TNA which I would of agreed with like a year ago but now they have a huge unnecessary roster where he would just get lost in. He wouldn’t be world champ.

  • me

    i still believe this is all a work

  • Jason

    I’m no Matt Hardy fan, in fact I can’t stand him but I do agree with him about the WWE sucking ass. TNA owns WWE

  • Davey Zoo

    He is not the only one who wants him to be released from wwe?

  • Rob

    Anyone who thinks Matt’s outta shape should see him wrestle now, if he ever gets his release.

  • Julius

    You people need to stop talking about Matt Hardy Version 1 he be injured it happen’s in wrestling he been in WWF/e since 1998 so fuck off

  • effmenow

    Why did you click on this article, watch the video, and comment on it if you dont care….venom?

  • venom

    Another video + Fatt Hardy = nobody cares. Sounds like Hardy needs to be on medication.

  • nin

    he needs to go away