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Video of The Miz vs. Keenan, Stone Cold’s Popularity, WWE Alumni Updates

– As noted before, WWE will be releasing a definitive Steve Austin DVD set in November of this year. Back in May, WWE sent out a “Intent to Purchase” survey to potential WWE DVD buyers. The Steve Austin project was ranked the highest among all titles listed with 73%. Fans showed more interest in an Austin project over other big names like Triple H, Brock Lesnar, The Rock and Randy Orton, according to WWEDVDNews.

– On a related note, WWE and THQ’s Corey Ledesma recently noted on Twitter that Austin is the #2 most playable Superstar in the WWE All Stars video game, right behind The Rock at #1.

– WWE has removed Vladimir Kozlov, Chris Masters, David Hart Smith and Melina from their roster page and moved them to the Alumni page.

– Below is The Miz’s lip sync battle with YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill, with a special appearance by John Morrison:

  • Jon-Jon

    Idk.. Keenan looked a bit off here..

  • Mark

    Miz was all over this*

  • Mark

    Miz was all over! this the kid was horrible, is Morrison and Miz good mates outta WWE i thought Morrisons only friend was Melina 😛

  • renz

    ok trixie…he isnt a kid hes a mdiget! and that was retarded! im sorry but he didnt even know the words… you could tell by the fatc that a. he couldnt keep up witht he song and be his movements were mis timed…. and i cant stand him either

  • Trixie

    That kid isn’t that great–I saw another video of him with 50 cent and he was pretty terrible. But Miz and Morrison were pretty funny in that.

  • Vic

    The part when Morrison stomped on Miz the second time and popcorn flew up was fuckin hilarious lol

  • The Killswitch

    Why is this freak a Youtube sensation? That was painful to watch.

  • Jimbo

    WTF? That kids looks like the unholy offspring of Brian Peppers.

  • Mike

    that kid sucked, it was like he didnt even know the song he was just shaking his afro just to distract people for seeing he didnt know the lyrics, miz was awesome and it seemed pointless to bring morrison in, he didnt even try lip syncing so he was not needed in the video.

  • Sean Mooney

    Did Eric the Midget (once honorary member of the Main Event Mafia) let his hair grow out?

    Also, who was that, that attacked the Miz? Was that Marty Jannetty??

  • Prince

    Wow, that kid is absolutely horrible. The Miz definitely owned him. The video got horrible when Morrison came in though. Seemed pointless.

  • ohdear

    Man the miz destroyed that kid!

  • C – Sation

    i really hate that little freak. hes so cocky , he thinks he’s cool cause people like to watch him to have a good laught

  • ajp

    What the hell did I just watch.

  • Thestinger

    I ment normal, not norkak, stupid ipad, and I mean Well, not whole

  • Thestinger

    Whole, your mom creeps me out..f- ing nimrod..u think your better then him just bcus your norkak? And dont start with the ” i didnt say he unormal”. We all know u meant it that way fukkface!

  • austin

    Keenan Cahil sucks big time
    i will party the day he die

  • pieman

    This video creeps me out a little.