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Video of The Miz Turning Heel In Belfast, Alberto Del Rio Wrestling for His Father’s Retirement

– The Miz cut a heel promo before losing to Kofi Kingston at Wednesday’s WWE live event in Belfast. Miz talked about how he has been beaten up by everyone from Kane to The Wyatt Family and the fans always cheer for who is beating him up. Here is video:

– Alberto Del Rio noted on Twitter that he will be wrestling at a retirement show for his father, Mexican legend Dos Caras, in February of next year.

  • millerj265

    Yep house shows have always been there testing grounds for things such as this. Although idk why they would even need to test out miz as a heel, he has already proven he can be successful and get over as one, and he has failed to catch on or garner any support from the fans as a face. So i say turn him heel, he was more entertaining as one anyways, and it couldn’t possibly fail any worse then his face run did.

  • Prince

    WWE often tests things at house shows to see what reactions are. If they liked what they saw, he’ll probably cut a similar promo on TV soon. A heel turn seems inevitable.

  • Solid

    No big deal, if it doesn’t happen on TV its not a real turn.

  • Roy Bledsoe

    That wasn’t a heel turn. The start of one maybe, but not a full heel turn!