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Video of Randy Orton’s Encounter with Fan He Called “Latino Ms. Piggy” at a Gym In Texas

– Above is video of Randy Orton’s encounter with a fan that he later referred to as “the Latino Ms. Piggy” on his Twitter. Her friends are recording her encounter with Orton outside of a gym in Texas. They’re seen snapping the same photo that Orton later shared on Twitter with the “Ms. Piggy” caption.

Orton later deleted the tweet and apologized. TMZ reported that Orton’s girlfriend has had problems with the fan on social media. The fan, Kayla Gomez, later tweeted the following:

“Let’s get one thing straight. @RandyOrton blocked me because I said his balls were in his girlfriend’s pocket. #RandyOrton”

Orton replied to that tweet with the following:

“I blocked you because you’ve been stalking and harassing my girl for too long now. Then stalking me when I had no idea who you were for a pic, just so you could use it to again, to harass my girl. You waited outside the gym to get to me! That’s called stalking! I dare you to get a freaking life or just go be a troll somewhere else.”

  • Jason Lentini

    Which I find odd considering he’s a 3rd gen wrestler.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Especially seeing as how for so long Orton was very much disliked, yet they still had him beat Benoit for the title. I have never thought he was a bad performer or anything, he just lacked respect for the business that so many other, better and more deserving guys had.

  • Jason Lentini

    Aside from that I really don’t know how he’s around. He isn’t over with the fans, they chant boring during his matches, & well one of his nicknames is “Boreton” To be honest as one dimensional wrestling wise as Cena may be (although his match a few weeks ago was really good from a technical standpoint) at least Cena has charisma and is over in terms of both positive and negative reactions from crowds .

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Very true. But Orton has his hands to deep in Triple Hs and McMahon’s pockets to even get a slap on the wrist. Even with all the failed drug tests, he still doesn’t get a clue and I think he does it on purpose so he can get some vacation time.

  • Solid

    Yeah, that’s pretty stalkery 😛

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Who waits for Randy Orton? Looks like she knew he was going to be there and just waited lol.