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Randy Savage Cuts Promo at Comic-Con

Old school!


  • les

    looks just like me, not now! LOL


    He’s still got it! He needs to be on TV

  • Manny

    A living legend right there! Arguably the best villain in pro wrestling and responsible for probably the most dramatic and most enduring angles in WWF history. Ooh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron Simmons

    What do you know: Randy Savage doing a Jay Lethal Impression! lol Big Ups to Macho. HOF!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Bryan

    All Mickie James fans who want her back in WWE, please sign this petition:

    And call WWE at 203-352-8600 and tell them you want Mickie back.

    Here’s something else you can do. Go to this site and leave a comment about Mickie’s release.

  • Devil_Rising

    If Vince doesn’t just shut his mouth and put this guy in the HOF, the HOF is nothing but a sham. It’s understandable that they’ve asked a guy like Bruno Sammartino to be inducted, and he just doesn’t want to. But you’ve got to believe Savage would want to do it, at least for his fans. If they can “bury the hatchet” with Hart, they can certainly do so with Macho Man, who never actually did anything to Vince in the first place.

  • drg

    The tower of power, too sweet to be sour, ohhhh yeahh!

  • Eric Nixon

    I’m feelin’ the Madness!

  • liptin

    oh yeah I dig it!!!!!

  • Treg

    Awesome.. just awesome

  • Frank

    Macho Man for 2011 Hall of Fame!!!!