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Video: Randy Savage’s Mother and Brother on His Wishes for the WWE Hall of Fame

– The following video comes from Lanny Poffo, brother to the late “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Poffo did an interview last year saying that per Macho’s request, WWE would not be allowed to induct him into their Hall of Fame unless the entire Poffo family went in – Savage, Lanny and their father Angelo. Savage’s mother Judy appears in the video to back up Lanny’s claims.

  • santino sicilian cool

    @ themark what i don’t get that what did randy’s mom do to you. grow the fuck up.

  • Starship Pain

    1.- WWE HoF is a joke.

    2.- WWE should do a video aboout this guy (like that one about Warrior) called “Lanny Poffo: Living in the shadow of the Macho Man”

  • theMark

    Nice to see Bobby the Zombie Brain hanging out with Dead Macho’s brother

  • voice of reason

    @ ice cream bar superstar first things first cool name second thing that’s cool i respect the fact you have put your disagreement to me in that way.

  • cheesehandler

    Lanny did nothing credible in my eyes. And how is anyone to know if that’s what macho really wanted. Look at that old ass lady…no disrespect…but to me she looks like she’ll say what’s she’s told to say. Macho yes. Angelo yes. Lanny….fuck outta here.

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    So many people say “koko B ware is in the hall of fame, why can’t wrestler X be there too”. Well Koko B Ware was a bigger star than Lanny Poffo was.
    @voice of reason, I like most of your posts but I disagree with you on this. I don’t think Lanny Poffo achieved enough to be in the hall of fame.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Lanny Poffo was great as The Genius. I think they should induct the Poffo’s into the HoF, I’m really not sure why Vince would be against it if it allowed Randy Savage in.

    Speaking of the Genius, does anybody notice some similarities between The Genius and Damian Sandow?

  • straight-edge

    lanny should be in the hof not off of randys name but off his own. im all for the poffo’s go to the hof. they both was stand outs

  • voice of reason

    the poffo family has been a part of wrestling since the late 1940’s now yes people are saying why induct the whole poffo family into the hof but i feel that randy wanted both of his brother & his fathers legacy to be acknowledged now people are acting like the poffo family hasnt acheived anything & that they are just going in on randy’s name nah i don’t think so angelo & lanny poffo both acheived their own accolades within the wrestling fields that they don’t need to use their brother as a door opener to acheive hof status, they have already earned it themselves without randy’s help.

  • 1919dpg

    Just induct the 3 of them. We won’t ever know if it’s true or not but why take the chance and go against Macho’s desire.

  • poko

    why should a whole family get put in off Machos name? If i was going in HOF because of my relative I would feel ashamed! I mean how can you accept prestige off the back of someone else, even if Vince backs down, people will still know its basically Randy going in and wwe HAD to let the others in.

    Shit if any member of my family wins the lottery, im going to write in demanding i do too, as of course, i am related.

  • King Albert

    Fuck off. i hope he’s never in the HOF, Savage’s mother can suck my cock.