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Video: Rosa Mendes Wardrobe Malfunction, Has Her Shorts Pulled Down

The newest cast member of Total Divas, Rosa Mendes, suffered a wardrobe malfunction on this past Wednesday’s episode of WWE Main Event. During a Divas match, Mendes attempted to get back in the ring, only to have her shorts grabbed and pulled down by Layla. The video is below:

Still Capture:

Rosa Mendes Ass

  • Robin

    Maybe if you can get a pick of her naked or of her boob$ that will be better or make them get a pick of $ex

  • Robin


    Best pick

  • ROB-1.


  • dack


  • dack


  • dack

    who know it could be $hiny

  • Chris Palmer

    Why were they acting like Rosa was to blame & “could lose her job” when it was the other slut’s fault for pulling her pantie thingies down?!

  • Solid

    The shiny line looks more like tape to keep her pants in place, didnt work that well though. 😛

  • Jason Lentini


  • Ernest Gouker

    not bad.. wonder how this showed but not natty from a week ago

  • Asturias_Knytt

    That’s a function not a malfunction lol….wish it was Layla instead tho

    Also, no front shot? Come on…lol

  • JillianHallTNA

    yas rosa, get that total divas promo! Lmao!!

  • Habrish Tomash

    ya but I would still hit it. it’s nice and tight

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    She’s got one sweaty butt lol

  • Ginger Bread

    Thanks Amish. Can always count on you for the details.

  • Hasan

    To the fap mobile!

  • AmishPatel

    added a still capture

  • TheFizPop

    Got excited, dropped trou, only for the scene to show faster than a virgin with Trish!