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  • James

    If this isn’t a work, the rehab that WWE use is going to make a fortune!

  • Renz

    ok y does he continue to show his extremely disturbing obession with grapes….. its sad that he has to use grapes and his opening scenes.

    and who cares if hes Matt or matthew… he needs to get over himself or have someone beat the crap out of him and tape that and post it then he;d have so many views his DID side will be happy as hell.


  • Dustin

    if this isn’t a work, all i can say is that this tool is an attention whore with these constant video updates. I’m not even watching this to support him.

  • shawn

    he’ll get a bigger gut from all the grapes.

  • JD

    Matt Hardy is the Joaquin Phoenix of wrestling.

  • adam tarasievich

    he is a tool but i still like him somewhat. I find it intresting that wwe didnt mention firing him or any of these sites didnt say anything. but he was taken out of the opening video for smackdown.

  • shaneo

    what a complete and utter tool.

  • JustinSane

    you see me, hi haters… hi haters

  • damkat

    Maybe he is trying to get an endorsement deal from the Grape growers of america…

  • John

    What a loser. I used to feel sorry for this guy and the way his career and body have become jokes. Now Im happy he’s a jobber.

  • Xavier


    Ummm, Eugene ring a bell?

  • Joe Piscapo

    LOL @ ppl sayin’ they’re tired of Matt, but can’t stop watchin’ his videos. He’s right, even the haters do really care about him LOL!

  • RaTeD R

    this guy has lost it, glad he’s no longer in wwe, and for he love of god stop posting youtube vids, get a grip

  • CAL

    Hey Matt how about u stop making youtube videos and fix your nose..

  • Chris


    Yea, because no one else has EVER done that. Lol.

  • Sym

    Sick of this already!!


    wow the fact that he is now talking about “Matthew” Hardy and made his own youtube channel and really making this look like a work instead of a shoot. I see a possible storyline.

  • MARK

    Doesn’t he realize the illegal immigrants that pick those grapes also pee in the vineyards. ALWAYS WASH THOSE GRAPES, MATTHEW!!

  • powerbombin midgets

    didnt even wash them damn grapes

  • Sam

    Um… heel turn?

  • Big Daddy

    Matt Hardy for World champion!

  • Chris

    What a god damn tool.

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