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At UFC 119, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was caught in time for an interview where he talks about whether he will ever come back to wrestling, whether he would have joined MMA if it had been big in the mid-90s and more. You can check it out below:
  • Dom

    yeh because that’s what fighters want, to do become full-time actors right ok then

  • joel


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    If he would have joined MMA in the mid 90′s if it was as poplar as it is today he wouldn’t have become a movie star WWE allowed him to have a character and be a star on their program which translated well into movies and acting hell they even used to call him the rock in his first few movies he wouldn’t have had that if he went to MMA maybe he could be a B level movie like Randy Couture and be in movies that go straight to DVD but he wouldn’t be in high profile movies.

  • Dom

    non dumbass wwe has not been around for 50 years as it was wwf and obviously you have no idea what mma is, i bet you dont even know that ufc growing in population rapidly and retards, and have you seen a powerbomb look where their head is, wait your pro bably sucking cena’s dick right now so i’ll leave you to it…fagget

  • HowDaWorldTwerks

    stfu dom…wwe has been around for over 50 years. lets come back and see how ufc is doing then. oh wait. you won’t be able to since you’d have already died choking on some ufc fighter cawk (i can’t name any of them, lets say the guy who lays down and hugs the other guy for 10 minutes and calls it a fight…wait thats all of them again)

  • Dom

    MMA is way better than wrestling ever was and ever will be

  • damkat

    I am not bitter, i just speak the truth. I am also still a Rock fan and have seen all his movies…even tooth fairy…but that is a hole other story. I just think it would be decent to come back and give back to the fans that gave him so much. I am talking talking a full return to the ring, but maybe a guest spot or something along those lines a couple times a year.

  • Joe Piscapo

    SMH @ these marks still mad that The Rock bounced when he felt like it. Get over it and grow up.

  • Azn

    You guys are soo freaking bitter. Im a huge Rock fan and I am sad that he’s no longer part of the business but at the end of the day he saw a better opportunity where he didnt have to brutalized his body. Just be happy for the dude and move on.


    He shouldn’t return to WWE but just make a few more guest appearances here and there like a guest host gig. But the WWE isn’t right for him right now with this PG. And he doesn’t really forget us, (i.e him showing up to the smackdown anniversary). He’s just trying to leave wrestling behind him and move forward in his career. He’s trying to be noticed as Dwayne Johnson and not The Rock.

  • damkat

    He should return to the WWE, but he tries hard to forget about wrestling and the fans that made him what he is today.