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Watch Hitman Hart – Wrestling With Shadows (Documentary On Montreal Screwjob)

For those not familiar with the infamous “Montreal Screwjob” or Bret Hart for that matter, we have obtained this videos for you guys to watch to bring you up to speed.


  • Chuck

    I smell a rat in this whole thing. First why would they just be happening to film Bret for this documentary and allow the camaras to go where it was not staged. Second in the end Bret got what he wanted he went out the “good guy” and Vince had big enough shoulders to carry the “Bad” guy persona. In the end maybe they had it happen this way so that Bret would be a “spy” for Vince that ultimately brought down WCW

  • Dawn

    I loved Bret Hart as a child but as I got older, I really saw how delusional Bret was. Triple H, Vince McMahon, and Shawn Michaels did what they had to do because Bret was too stubborn to do business. That’s what wrestling is. It’s a business, an industry. He was leaving for another company and it would have been a sign of respect, no matter his feelings for Shawn personally, if he just would have dropped the belt in one hell of a match. But because of his stubbornness, his last match in the WWE (WWF, at the time) was a complete joke. Bret Hart grew up in this business… he should know how it works. I’m sorry that he hated Shawn Michaels for no reason. I’m sorry that he felt Canada was going to die inside if he lost to him in Canada. You put personal feelings aside and you do business as a thank you to the company that MADE you who you are in the business. Sorry, but a last name will only take you but so far, Bret.

  • Joe

    I actually really enjoyed this video, you got to see things from both the eyes of Bret and Vince. I like them both but I would honestly say Vince has done things in the past for people when they have asked and who gave their heart and soul to the company. Why he couldn’t swallow his pride that night makes no sense to me. But I do think Bret should get over it because you can see Vince could barely walk straight after Bret knocked his ass out. Not many people in this world gets to hit their boss like that.

  • baddog_1_2k

    This happend years ago shawns growin up and gotten clean bret has been through alot I hope for everyones sake that TONIGHT on raw we can all just move on what vince did was B.S but that fact that everyone still walks around hating shawn just for that is idiotic

  • breezy

    i can feel shawn vs taker wit bret as special guest referee and bret screwing taker like shawn did in summerslam 97….

  • Deva469

    I can’t believe HHH wants to see the bret hart return fail, he rather it fail and wwe keep tanking in the ratings for his selfish agendas… he really does not give a shit about the fans , bret as u can see was all about the fans and the business

  • Sam Peters

    After watching this it makes you feel its a fault on both parts…Bret was too stubbon but Vince did put in his contract with the WWF at that time that he had 30 days where Bret Hart runs Bret Harts character but he went against the contract agreement and HHH was a lier back then…and even to this day he hopes Bret’s run with the WWE this time messes up
    Paul Levesque GROW UP!!

  • The serious / cocky/brash Shawn Michaels is so much better than this funny-guy act he has going on now – it’s sad to see. He was brilliant in the build up to his match with the Undertaker last year.

  • Symbiote

    Triple H is ruining Raw with his stupid DX skits.I don’t like Shawn Michaels but last week when he confronted Vince was the first time that I didn’t hate seeing him in a segment in a long time.

  • Mark

    just watched this for the first time. Wow HHH shown is true colours by stating he did not know anything about it when he was the one who suggested it in the first place. I agree however Bret was very stubborn not to drop the belt in Canada.

  • I don’t think Bret is the massive victim he makes out to be, but what happened that night was wrong. I understand for McMahon’s perspective – he wanted to protect his belt and ultimately his business – and for that reason Hart should have lost the belt to Michaels’ that night, but he was hell bent on not losing it in Canada where he was a “national hero”. McMahon obviously didn’t want to compromise on this and then have Hart retire the belt and move to WCW, which would have made him and the company look foolish. I can see both sides. Bret screwed himself by being stubborn to the point of no return, and Vince screwed Bret by going behind his back. As for Triple H, he is a proven liar.

  • Symbiote

    Bret screwed Bret because he trusted Vince to keep his word. I don’t agree that Bret should have forfited the belt the next night.Vince should have let Bret drop the title to somebody else like he wanted to.
    Triple H shows what kind person he is by swearing to god that he didn’t have anything to do with it & then years later says he pushed for the screw job.