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Video: Former World Champion Brock Lesnar Says WWE Is Fake and More

– Brock Lesnar had some interesting comments on WWE and pro wrestling at this week’s UFC 141 pre-fight press event. “If you lived in a cave for the last 50 years, you will probably think is real but it not,” Lesnar said about WWE.

Lesnar also made the comment this week that there wasn’t much else to do while on the road with WWE than go to the next town, “scrap and steal other guys’ girlfriends.”

  • Stevie P

    So…any bets on how long Lesnar wants to come back to WWE?

  • Rich

    @Jay your wrong. Santino would own Lesnar in the octagon. Brock doesn’t stand a chance against the cobra

  • Justin Sane

    @Jay you know this is a wrestling site, right?

  • Booker T’s Fave Five

    Brock Lesnar just made Little Jimmy cry.

  • Stone Cold 619


  • Dana paid him $100,000 to make these comments

  • ironcross

    sounds like he is just realising Pro wrestling is staged..

    Ohhh, you didn’t knowwwww, Your assssss better calll somebodyyyyyyyyyyy….

  • Brock Lesner

    look I didn’t want the spot light or be in the public eye so I left wwe then I realised I wasn’t smart enough to get a reguler job so I tried football then I realized I would still be on the road and have something eles to complain about then I thought UFC not much travel only fight a couple of times a year.

    Look point is I just want a big payday for doing as little as possible. And then I still won’t be happy and ill find somthing to bitch and moan about

  • LisaTheSimpson

    @Cheesehandler: Completely incorrect. He had a wife and kid while he was in WWE. His family *with Sable* didn’t start until his time in UFC. I’m sure they weren’t the only reason he quit as he is a private guy and doesn’t like the notoriety, but he’s gone on extensively about hating the lifestyle of a wwe superstar in the sense that had little to do with the actual in ring work and more to do with travel and not being at home. Given Brock’s upbringing and his amateur wrestling career, (not to mention the fact that the lifestyle of a mmartist isn’t exactly a cakewalk either) it’s ridiculous for people to imply that he quit because he couldn’t handle it in the ring, when he’s been accustomed to hard work his entire life.

    @Bonerjams: Real things happen in the world of fake stuff all the time. Actors and stuntmen get hurt on set constantly but no one is insisting what they do isn’t fake. Same with pro wrestling.

    I’m a big time wrestling fan, too, guys, but let’s not be delusional and over-defensive about it.

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    This just in….Stephanie McMahon Levesque’s tits are fake. Oops….sorry about that. Brock Lesnar was scripted to break that news.

  • jake

    MaNic I love the stepbrothers reference. If it was one. But I don’t know what the point of burning his bridges are. I learned at a young age not to do that no matter how unlikely needing that bridge in the future will be

  • Best in the world

    …Coming from the guy that couldn’t handle WWE. Lmao.

  • venom

    Why does Brock randomly bash WWE? Because think Brock will lose his next fight coming up and that will begin the downfall of Brock’s UFC career. Then he’ll go back to Vince for a job.

  • kurt angle

    brock you are right brother

  • cheesehandler


    thats funny because didnt have a family or kids prior to the ufc. he’s problem was the start power he had. he didnt like being noticed.

  • Jay

    You people need to chill out. Brock Lesnar is still the man. I bet no one in the WWE can last one round inside the octagon against Lesnar.

    Pro wrestling is FAKE. The injuries are real. Keep watching the male soap opera.

    UFC is the real deal.

  • MaNic


  • bonerjams

    The injuries sure as hell aint fake

  • Stashathan

    I was thinking the exact same thing. As a matter of fact,
    Everyone here is right. I just lost respect for Lesnar. I
    mean if it is so fake Brock, then does that mean your
    broken neck was fake too?

  • LisaTheSimpson

    @CC, flying around the country 300 days a year away from your home and family and very little down time is a lot for anyone to handle in any occupation. That’s what bothered him about WWE, not the fake fighting.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    WOW! Brock, tell me it’s not so! That cant be true, It’s like learning that there is no easter bunny (note sarcasm).

    Screw Brock-He failed at pro football, He got hurt in WWE and bailed out, He then failed once again at pro football, Then he goes to UFC where at first he is great but then all of the sudden he is sick more than he is fighting, Bring on the pain? It is clear that Brock cannot handle the pain. Brock you just a big ol P-ssy!

  • stockshark

    Total douche bag!!

  • AUSTIN316

    Whats His next video about, how Santa’s fake too?

  • TheMark

    Still happy to cash his check from WWE 12 though, huh.

  • scooter

    brock would have never made it to the UFC if not for the fact people recognise him from his wwe days

  • CC

    Its all fake and there is nothing to do, yet the lifestyle was too much for him .. what does that say about Brock?

  • Kyle

    Wach when brock loses that intestine infection will come back and he’ll whine and bitch like typical

  • jim

    Brock should know he got Sable that way!

  • Bill

    Maybe it is Brock Lesnar who is fake.

  • Kyle

    Well no shit, but you would be on tv more then you already are brock