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PAIGE and AJ LEE Ass Pics *Must-See*

- Hulk Hogan appeared at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend to promote the new Saint's Row video game where he will voice a wrestler character that works with the Saints. Here is Hogan's official THQ interview for the game: Hogan also spoke with Mad Catz: Finally, The Hulkster spoke with IGN and says we will see the red and yellow return around October:
  • erik

    tna needs to get rid of old man hogan and flair. these old guys are not rating draws or ppv draws anymore. who really in 2011 want to see flair and hogan both in there 60′s wrestle?

  • Gary

    well if he works with the saints we wont be able to hurt him, which SUCKS…

  • Dragon

    @adam I completly agree

  • adam

    @venom. If i ever play this game i will do the exact same thing. Also why would u ruin a storyline this far in advanced i mean let it be a suprise. Dont just say im going to be a face again then a few weeks latter oh in october thats when i will. Kind of makes the next few weeks until october pointless.

  • venom

    When I play this game. I am going to throw a bunch of gernades at Hogan’s character.