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Videos: Warrior Releases ‘Shoot’ Preview, Hogan Talks Savage & Video Game

– Below is video of Hulk Hogan on MyFOXLA this week talking about his new Xbox video game and Randy Savage:

– The Ultimate Warrior has released a preview of his new “Hulk Hogan shoot” that will come out in a few weeks. Here’s the preview:

  • sammy622

    Well, I believe it. Soooooo many wrestlers have said the same stuff about HH.
    Backstabber, liar, wont lose to certain people (pass the torch as Andre did), etc. etc.
    Bret Hart knows it, HHH and Shawn know it. Stone Cold did that bit many years ago in ECW
    Dont slam the Warrior. Granted , he maybe a little loose himself, but, I believe HH is a piece of trash and a low life. The phone calls to his son in jail, blaming the kid who got paralyzed?

  • Kelly

    Ahh, so that’s what this is about. It’s all nothing more than a way to get his name out there ready for whatever this TV thing he has planned is by jumping on a bandwagon.

  • Thestinger

    He is gonna sue is ass, thats whats he’s gonna do! Warrior just want to grab some attention, he needs money..

  • CM Mark

    Whatcha gonna do about it Terry? ROFL…

  • Gary

    to be honest, i agree with him, and ive seen her show….even if she nuts she is the “closest” to sane out of all of em


    This is good stuff cant wait for the rest. rko do you really beleive the daughter is the sane one? Have you ever watched her stupid show

  • Gary

    “I bet im the only pro wrestler who ever said no to f*cking your wife” wow, lol ill watch, i mean i kno these guys have a past, and i kno these guys have dirt on each other….

  • cheesehandler

    again i will re-state….fuck hulk hogan…never been a fan never will be a fan….hulkamania must die

  • rko

    Hogan’s family is screwed up that I only think his daughter is the sane one who seems to have tried to distance herself from all the drama.

    I’ve always liked Warrior’s outspoken nature. Everyone knows Hogan is no saint, but this is going to further hurt his image.

  • randy

    Both of them are equally disgusting. Hogan is a backstabbing two face who does not know when to quit, and Warrior is a delusional has been who is only trying to get some attention.

  • Kawika

    Wow well you may not like the guy and may be a little nuts but Warrior does make some good points about Hogan, especially when it comes to Randy how Hogan throws him under the bus in the sit down but then all of a sudden he does a complete 360 and then talks about how much he loved Randy, his family and son on. As well as the tapes that came out when his son crippled his so called friend. I’m not saying it’s all the sons fault the friend didn’t have to be in the car with him and chose to ride with him, but in the tape when Hogan is talking to the son about it Hogan showed no remorse and preety much said what ever happens to him is his tough shit and if the boys is crippled so what.

  • reservoir Dog

    My Gosh! this guy is so f*ckin sick. It would be good to have something to prove what he says though. looking forward for the full blown version. By the way, returning to tv? Wouldn’t it be a game between the two of them to bring Warrior to TNA as the network guy? haha.

  • Thestinger

    Well somebody is sad that the warrior has come to this..relaunch yourself at others expense..and først of all, thesit-down interview wasnt even a jab to warrior! Warrior is just trying to be relevant again..

  • Hunter

    Haha- and this is just the preview?! Nothing toooooo groundbreaking, but it’s still going to hurt HH. Offering Linda out to the boys in the back, cocaine days etc.

    That said, if indeed karma is coming to collect, then just release the videos. A bit of self promoting going on and it’s a bit odd with some of the Hogan bashing Warrior has said.