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The View from Down Under: Recapping A Dramatic Wrestlemania Week

As we arrive at the end of the week, it is time to take stock of what was can only be described as a very emotional week for WWE wrestling fans. With some very highs and some extreme lows, this week proved that the next generation is ready to take over and deliver.

So here is my quick breakdown and thoughts over the big issues of the week:


The Death Of The Ultimate Warrior

While the Junkyard Dog was my first favourite wrestler as a kid, he was quickly blown away by the cyclone that was The Ultimate Warrior. In a time of over the top characters, the Warrior was the most over the top there was and stood head and shoulders above everybody else. His energy, his strength, and his promos were what made him quickly rise to the top of the WWE.

While his bright light would burn out as quickly as it was lit, he left an everlasting impression on this wrestling fan, one that I am proud to keep.

I am happy all the backstage issues were resolved and forgiven as it gave this little Warrior one last chance to see, and enjoy The Ultimate Warrior. I send my wishes and thoughts to his family and friends. For those who did not see him at his best, please watch his Wrestlemania match against Macho Man Randy Savage, his what I believe is his best match.



The Ending Of The Streak

I was in disbelief when I heard this had happen, and I will never watch this match, however after all the dust has settled, I can understand why The Undertaker and Vince McMahon decided to end the Streak, as it has often been said no man is bigger than the business. Also I believe The Streak was becoming a bigger match and more important match than the main event of the night, which I feel was another reason Vince might have wanted it ended, so the focus can again return to the main event of the night. I can also understand why The Undertaker chose Brock Lesnar as the person the break The Streak. What, however, I like many other people are disappointed about was the lack of intensity and emotion in the build up to the match. Paul Heyman did an awesome promo on the youth of Brock vs. the age of The Undertaker, but if you missed that RAW then you missed that promo and missed that important hint that the Streak may end.

By having The Streak ended, it now gives other a chance to chase and beat The Streak, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are all currently undefeated at Wrestlemania…

21 and 1


Daniel Bryan’s Fairy-tale Ending

While Wrestlemania will be remembered more The Streak ending than anything else, the image of Daniel Bryan celebrating with confetti raining down on him as Wrestlemania ended was the perfect ending to his story since Summer Slam. After short championship reigns, getting screwed by the authority, double, triple teamed by The Shield and The Wyatt’s, to see Daniel rise to the top of the mountain was very satisfying. With a great performance against Triple H to open the PPV, to overcoming both Randy Orton, Batista and the Authority in the main event, Daniel Bryan showed even is most devoted nay-Sayers that he belongs in the Main event scene.

Whether us fans influenced the decision, or if it was part of the WWE plan all along, the correct result and ending happened, Daniel Bryan and us fans got our feel-good ending he deserved. I am just hoping his reign last a couple of months.

Daniel Bryan wins


The Rise Of The Next Generation

What I did enjoy about this year’s Wrestlemania, was that it seemed to be a changing of the guard, with many of the younger superstars making their mark (unless you were versing John Cena, but more about that next). Starting in the pre-show, The Uso’s managed to hold onto their titles by winning the elimination tag team match. We then saw firstly Triple H, then Randy Orton and Batista put over Daniel Bryan. The Undertaker put over Brock Lesnar, and The Shield decimated The New Age Outlaws & Kane. The Big Show gave Cesaro a huge Wrestlemania moment in Cesaro’s Battle Royal win and while she walked away champion at Wrestlemania, Aj Lee would lose her title the following night on RAW to NXT star Paige, to breathe fresh life into the Diva’s division.

This really felt like the WWE has finally let go of the ‘attitude era’ but allowing this generation of stars to shine in its biggest week of the year. Let us hope that this next 12 months we see this push continue, and maybe at Wrestlemania XXXI we see a title match along the lines of Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro

Cesaro Big show


The Joining Of The I Hate Cena Club

For many years I would justify to those on blogs and posts, that hated John Cena, and whinged and complained about him always winning and always in the WWE championship picture why the WWE keeps him at the top of the WWE Mountain. But at Wrestlemania XXX, when there was a great opportunity for John Cena and the WWE to put over Bray Wyatt, and continue the theme of the night (see above), we get ‘SUPER’ Cena over coming 3 men who have dominated everyone including The Shield to walk away with the win.

The win did nothing to increase John Cena’s standing within the WWE, what it did do was show that Bray Wyatt was all talk. Unless something dramatic happens at extreme rules with this feud, I for once cannot defend the WWE and John Cena on this win.


Let us hope next week in the world of the WWE, can be just as exciting, without the loss of anymore legends

Hooroo and see you next week.


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