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The View from Down Under: Is Sheamus The Burial King?

Triple H and John Cena often get criticised for not putting other superstars over, or burying superstars on pushes. However I have noticed lately a new Superstar taking over this role, that is Sheamus. We have seen over the past 12 months John Cena put over Daniel Bryan Randy Orton and currently Bray Wyatt, Triple H (just) put over Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan and along with Batista and Randy Orton, currently putting over The Shield.

However if we were to go and look at Sheamus career, there is a long history of the man from Ireland coming out on top more often than not in feuds and matches he has been in, especially over the past 2 years.


After SummerSlam 2011, Sheamus would go on a 14 match winning streak, which including ending Christian’s main event run, winning the Royal Rumble by eliminating crowd favourite Chris Jericho, and defeated Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania. So in the space of 7 months Sheamus buried (or was put over by) three main event superstars on his way to becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.





From Wrestlemania to Summerslam 2012, Sheamus would end up victorious against Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and in the feud many thought would never end Alberto Del Rio. Triple threat matches, fatal four way matches, it didn’t matter who or how many opponents Sheamus had, he would always come out on top. He would finally lose a match, his title and a feud to The Big Show but ended 2012 having wrestled the most TV/PPV matches that year with 98, the most TV/PPV wins with 77, and the most TV main events with 29.


2013 Sheamus was a mainstay of putting over The Shield, where he would be a part of numerous teams who wound up on the losing end of matches to the emerging Shield. However he returned to his winning burial ways soon enough, burying Mark Henry and Damien Sandow, before an injury at Money In The Bank put him on the sidelines for a couple of months.





On return, he again would feud with Christian and again defeat Christian in every match, again burying the Peep’s superstar. After failing to win the Intercontinental Number 1 Contenders tournament he would quickly overcome that loss by winning the US title Battle Royal to become the new United States Champion, then defeating former champion Dean Ambrose in a rematch.


We finish with last week on RAW where Sheamus managed to defeat both Curtis Axel and Ryback in back to back matches, after team RyAxel had been gradually built up as possible tag team challengers to the The Usos. However they now look weak again thanks to this loss.


I enjoy watching Sheamus in matches, and I look forward to a rumoured possible heel turn, but at this stage in his career, and being a good friend of Triple H, it has seems if you have booked to fight Sheamus, or feud with Sheamus then be prepared to lose, and not just lose, but lose either a lot (just like Christian or Alberto Del Rio), lose embarrassingly (just like Daniel Bryan, or team Ryaxel) or just never have a chance to gain any type of momentum against him (like Dolph Ziggler).




Hooroo and see you next week.


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