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View TNA’s New Hall of Fame Logo, Updated Listing for Thursday’s Live Impact Wrestling

– Here is the updated line-up for this Thursday’s live episode of Impact Wrestling:

* Dixie Carter kicks off the show to respond to the phone call from last week between her and AJ Styles

* Bobby Roode, Kazarian and Daniels vs. Sting, Kurt Angle and AJ Styles

* Slammiversary contract signing between Joseph Park and Bully Ray

* Four-way Knockouts Match to determine Gail Kim’s Slammiversary opponent

– Below is the official logo for TNA’s Hall of Fame. As noted before, the first name will be announced at Slammiversary:

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  • King Albert

    10 year HOF haha, quite sad really

  • Devil_Rising

    No offense but who the hell is TNA going to put in their HoF?

    Are they going to induct old wrestlers who have never worked for them, just to be like WWE? Or are they only going to induct TNA workers, in which case, who are they going to induct?

    I really don’t think a company that’s only been around 10 years should be opening their own HoF. I think that’s the kind of thing that maybe 20 years down the line you start doing. I dunno….it just doesn’t seem like they’ve been around long enough to have the kind of HISTORY to establish something like that.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Oh yeah Mongo, I don’t understand how its sad and lame trying to expand a company with different idea’s however much they resemble what a big competitor has. Look at Xbox kinect i wonder where that idea came from. Well I suppose they should just curl up and admit WWE is the better company…That would be productive.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    You do realise having a Hall of Fame doesn’t necessarily mean you have to induct people in numbers or year after year. WWE scrapped their HOF for 8 years so stop being so negative, If they induct Jarrett, Styles or even Shamrock being the first ever champion (under the NWA banner) Then it could kick off good.

  • Mongo

    Pretty sad how lame TNA is being right now trying to act as if they are on the same level as WWE by making a HOF. Oh well I’m sure it won’t last TNA will eventually shut down after WWE destroys them in the lawsuit.

  • ##

    And I thought the WWE HOF was a joke!!

  • ant

    samoa joe and kurt angle will probably be in it too eventually

  • Tommy

    Not enough history to build a serious hall of fame.

    They won’t have more than like 6 people in it anyway.

    They should induct CM Punk, he’s been there before, lol.

  • misfit del rio

    I’ve been thinking about it, and seriously TNA its too soon. Dixie stop worrying about things like this. You don’t have enough history to warrant a hall of fame. Other then Jarrett, Styles and Americas Most Wanted you don’t have any other corner stones to make it a buyable hall of fame. Might as well induct the Flying Elvises, Monty Brown in there. Just worry about the company being around in 10 years. Give hogan, bishcoff, and sting the boot. Stop this speratic strory lines, and just let the talent handle there business, as much as I don’t like Joe, give him the damn belt and be a monster heel, not that lame ass shit when he was running around with a knife. I seriously thought that was the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in wrestling, and I’ve lived through Katie Vic and Mae Young’s birthing of a hand.

  • Chris

    Looks like a good show, I will be watching

  • muppett

    add Jerry Jarrett too that list but I agree with ant

  • ant

    all im gonna say is that if jeff jarrett or aj styles isnt the first tna hall of famer im gonna be pissed

  • k91xxx


  • SYM

    The Logo looks Great and I’m looking forward to Impact this week!