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The View from Down Under: Wade Barrett 4th Time The Charm???

On May the 4th 2014 Wade ‘Badnews’ Barrett became Intercontinental Champion when after winning the number 1 contender tournament, he defeated current champion Big E at Extreme Rules. This marks the 4th time Wade Barrett has held this title, in fact he has held this title every year since 2011:

–          March 22 2011, he defeated Kofi Kingston on Smackdown,

–          December 29, 2012, he again defeated Kofi Kingston this time on RAW,

–          April 8th 2013, he defeated The Miz on RAW,

–          May 4th 2014, he defeated Big E Langston at Extreme Rules.





On top of Wade Barrett’s Intercontinental reigns, he announced himself to the WWE Universe by winning the very first season of NXT (when it was an elimination show), the man from Britain (and the other first season NXT contestants) then formed the impressive NEXUS stable. After dominating everyone in the WWE, the NEXUS would eventually lose a 7-on-7 elimination match at SummerSlam in 2010 (with rumours John Cena would not put Wade Barrett over in that match). The loss at SummerSlam did slow the NEXUS momentum down, although Wade Barrett would battle the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton for the WWE title. However it was after finishing with the NEXUS and the John Cena storyline things for Wade Barrett would change, he would lose control of NEXUS to C.M.Punk, and start his spiral down to the mid-card round-a-bout.



Since being forced to leave NEXUS, we have seen Wade Barrett receive semi pushes where he looks like he is going to force his way back to the main event level only for poor creative decisions, and bad luck ruin these chances.

The WWE creative tried to place him as leader of another stable, ‘The CORR’, but this always felt like a NEXUS wannabe group and never really was accepted by the fans. It soon disbanded and Wade Barrett would be on the losing end of feuds against Ezekiel Jackson, and Sheamus (who tends puts less people over than Cena…but more about that in coming weeks).


October 2011, Barrett received another push by the WWE creative during his ‘Barrett Barrage’ where he would go on an impressive winning streak, beating the likes of Daniel Bryan, John Morrison, Trent Barreta, Sheamus, and Randy Orton. Wade Barrett would spend the rest of 2011 battling Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship, but failed to capture the title in this time (as Randy Orton was untouchable in this year, just ask Christian). Wade Barrett then would dislocate his elbow during a Battle Royal on Smackdown putting him out of action for the first half of 2012.






A new look Wade Barrett returned in August 2012, and again started with an impressive winning streak, although this time his streak was against bottom feeders Tyson Kidd, Zac Ryder, Justin Gabriel and Yoshi Tatsu. But again his initial push was halted by losses to Sheamus, before eventually winning his second Intercontinental Title against Kofi Kingston.

But the momentum from winning the Intercontinental title was quickly extinguished, with Wade Barrett being eliminated by NXT rookie star Bo Dallas at the Royal Rumble. An upset win by Bo Dallas followed on RAW, before Wade Barrett would defeat Bo Dallas, but the damage had been done. He would move on to The Miz where they would share Intercontinental Championship wins during Wrestlemania season, before final losing the title again to Curtis Axel on June 16 2013 at Payback and going on a losing streak. Although getting his beard shaved by Daniel Bryan, it was the series of matches he had with Daniel Bryan (as ordered by the Authority) that were making people sit up and take notice of his in ring skills again. But just as he was starting to build momentum, Visa issues returned, and Wade Barrett was taken off air for an extended period of time.





Upon his return, Wade Barrett has adopted his ‘Bad News Barrett’ character, and would pop up on shows and Pay Per View to deliver some BAD NEWS to us fans. This character whilst being heel orientated was generating positive responses by fans. He would eventually return to inside the ring where he would again go on a winning streak defeating Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston, before winning the Intercontinental number 1 contenders tournament and then Title.


Wade Barrett is now in a very similar position to what he has been in over the past 4 years. He has through some great promo work, and outstanding performances in the ring, lifted his profile and level to sit just under the main event tier. We can only hope he avoids injuries, visa problems and that the WWE creative can give him some great feuds and stories that will eventually see him battling it out for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


The WWE needs an arrogant, hated, and talented Englishman in their roster.


Hooroo and see you next week.


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