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The View from Down Under: Wrestlemania 31 Prediction – The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar II

With Wrestlemania season over, and we head to Extreme Rules there is already many people predicting possible matches for Wrestlemania XXXI. I thought I would join the band wagon and nominate my thought and what will be the main even match for next year’s Wrestlemania, and that is a repeat of The Streak Match from this year Wrestlemania, The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar.

Undertaker brock 1


Now while many people will scoff at this suggestion, let me break down why I believe that this match is not only a possiblilty, but I believe that the WWE has already locked it in, and why it will be The Undertakers last match, and really the only option for The Undertaker to end his career on.


  1. Undertaker has yet to announce his retirement, hence suggesting at least one more match.


  1. With the Streak over, this now limits his opponents to wrestle at Wrestlemania 31, as there is no real point for the likes of Roman Reigns, John Cena, Daniel Bryan etc to fight The Undertaker now.


  1. The rumored match with Sting will be a disaster, does anyone really want to see two 50+ men wrestle????


  1. The other rumored last match opponent for The Undertaker has been Kane, but I believe these two have had enough feuds and battles over the years, his last match needs to be a match that will put him to the utmost limit.


  1. Paul Heyman’s constant reminder to everyone about how he and Brock Lesnar ended the streak, this constant gloating has to eventually come back to bite him on his ass, or image how cocky he will be next year with the fact Brock Lesnar not only ended The Streak but also The Undertakers career.


  1. A rematch for The Undertaker is the only option that will generate the same amount of interest as the “can anyone end The Streak?”…..”can The Undertaker beat the man who ended the streak?”


  1. The Undertaker has put Brock Lesnar over on numerous occasions, so the result of this match would be a straight 50-50 will as fans will be debating will The Undertaker put Brock Lesnar over again or will Brock Lesnar return the favour like The Rock did for John Cena???

Undertaker brock 2


All that the WWE needs to do now is come up with the story to go with match, and I feel the lead up to this match will have a lot more intensity and build up to their Wrestlemania 30 match. There are numerous storyline options they could go with, here are some that I can run off the top of my head:


  1. With Brock Lesnar possibly in line for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship this year, a Championship vs. Career is a possibility at Wrestlemania, although I do not believe this match will need the addition of a championship.


  1. (While re-hashing a similar story line) The Undertaker could chase Brock Lesnar for 3-6 months demanding a rematch (similar to what Shawn Michaels did to The Undertaker for their rematch at WrestleMania 26, or what The Undertaker did himself to Triple H in the lead up to Wrestlemania 28). Having a desperate Undertaker determined to right the wrongs of Wrestlemania 30 will not be that hard for the WWE writers to do.


  1. I feel The Undertaker will be inducted into the Hall Of Fame this year and imagine the reaction a smug Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar could do to disrespect that honour.


  1. In the lead up to Wrestlemania 31, more can be made of the fact The Undertaker has a very poor record against Brock Lesnar (to my knowledge he has yet to beat him), as well as more made about The Undertakers age, and health. All of this giving fans fuel that The Undertaker last match may be a loss.



By breaking down and looking at all possible opponents The Undertaker could face at his (possible) last Wrestlemania and the fact that there are numerous ways the WWE creative can enhance this match through a variety of story-lines, there really is no other option other than Brock Lesnar for The Undertaker.


So just over 12 months out here is my Prediction:


Wrestlemania 31 Main Event


The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar II

Inside The Hell in The Cell

With The Undertakers Career on the line



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